“I Am There For You” Is Much More Romantic Than Saying “I Love You” To Your Girlfriend

When you are in love we say the words, “I love you” to our partner all the time without understanding its true meaning. Sure, these simple three words are the most sought after and used words in the English language. But, the phrase, “I love you” seems a little vague and clichéd. And there is a good reason for it. Human emotions and thoughts are so fleeting and ambiguous that writers and poets have been inventing words through the ages in an attempt to describe them.

The phrase “I love you” is nothing but a symbolic affirmation that projects loyalty and abundance of positive emotion. But it can mean many things for many individuals so much so that it’s practically impossible to adequately communicate the real meaning and significance of the world to someone else. If you tell someone you love them, how do you prove it? Is your style of showing your love and affection work on them? Will it be same as theirs? Probably not. But, there are plenty of words in the English language that is more romantic than, “I love you.” And “I am there for you” is one such phrase that has no such weakness. It’s nebulous and gives the person chance to stand behind him or her words. This sentence lets your actions speak for you and those actions are more meaningful than “I love you.” Those actions will communicate your love to your partner more than the words, “I love you” ever could.  Saying these words are also more romantic than “I love you.”

“I am there for you” also implies that you are confident and willing to do all the work that a romantic relationship requires. It demonstrates that you can be leaned upon when your significant other can’t stand by themselves. “I am there for you” is the phrase of giving, rather than receiving. Meanwhile, “I love you” is another way of telling your spouse that you make her happy. “I am there for you” is a great way of saying your partner that you are willing to do whatever it needs to make her happy and feel secure. You can compare these two romantic phrases with the act of reading a book and take initiatives to write a book. Both are valued in their own way, but the latter has a more profound meaning than the former.

Nonetheless, regardless of your intentions, these five words “I am there for you” are worthless and shallow if you don’t feel them and act on them. You can say them to your girlfriend as much as you want or sing them from the top of a building, but you will find yourself drowning by your actions if they don't reflect the love you have for your partner.  It doesn’t matter whether you are dating or in a relationship with your girlfriend for two weeks or two years, don’t down play the importance of this romantic phrase, “I am there for you.” We understand saying “I love you” is important, but this phrase is equally as important.

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