MuscleTech Anotest Review: All the Details On This Supplement

When we are young, our bodies are awash with testosterone. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for a man’s male characteristics. But as we age, our testosterone level starts declining and reaches critical levels in our mid-thirties and forties. It’s natural, and no medical attention is required. But it doesn’t mean that you should do nothing about it. If our testosterone levels decline, we feel sluggish, tired, irritated, start gaining weight, find that building muscle becomes difficult, and our libido drops, etc. In other words, your overall athletic and sexual performance declines. All of the above symptoms are associated with low testosterone. Increasing your testosterone levels will help improve your energy levels, stamina, improve metabolism, help you gain lean muscle mass faster, and boost your sex drive and sexual performance. Nowadays, more and more men are opting for natural testosterone boosting supplements to increase their testosterone, as it’s safer and more affordable than the traditional hormone replacement therapy and steroids.

There are plenty of natural testosterone boosting supplements in the market today and the biggest challenge is choosing the right one. There are, in fact, so many brands of testosterone boosters today that it is difficult for one brand to distinguish itself over another. However, the supplement which we will be talking about today, MuscleTech Anotest, is different from other supplements.

So, what is MuscleTech Anotest? MuscleTech Anotest is an all natural testosterone booster made by MuscleTech. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which assists in muscle growth and fat loss. The manufacturer claims that MuscleTech Anotest is the first and only 4-in-1 testosterone boosting supplement, which makes it the most general anabolic testosterone booster users can buy.

Benefits of MuscleTech Anotest

The key benefits of MuscleTech Anotest are:

  1. It increases overall testosterone.
  2. It increases free testosterone levels.
  3. It improves testosterone uptake.
  4. It reduces serum cortisol.
  5. It increases muscle strength.
  6. It builds muscle.
  7. It helps with post workout recovery.

Ingredients of MuscleTech Anotest and How They Function

The four primary active ingredients of MuscleTech Anotest are:

• D-Aspartic Acid (3.12 g): D-Aspartic Acid or DAA is clinically proven to increase testosterone levels by 42% over 12 days.
• Boron (200 g): This component has shown itself to increase free testosterone and decrease estradiol or estrogen. Estrogen is a female sex hormone that converts free testosterone into estrogen. This reduces the overall testosterone.
• L-Carnitine (2000 mg): L-Carnitine helps to increase the number of androgen receptors. The process helps testosterone to be produced by the muscle cells more readily.
• Glutamine and BCAA (total 5300 mg): These two ingredients work together to decrease serum cortisol. Cortisol blocks against lean muscle gains.

Pros and Cons of MuscleTech Anotest

Pros of MuscleTech Anotest:

  1. The ingredients are all natural.
  2. The supplement boosts testosterone on several levels.
  3. The taste is good.
  4. There are many MuscleTech Anotest reviews from customers who claim the product tastes and works well.

Cons of MuscleTech Anotest:

  1. Some customers reported bowel problems after using this supplement such as diarrhea and stomach upsets.
  2. It’s expensive.

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