Why Narcissist Women Are The Worst Dating Choice?

Let’s be honest one thing very clear; you can’t change or help narcissistic people. Don’t even think that you can do that unless you’re a trained therapist and they’ve sought your help directly for the purpose of dealing with this mental disorder. Now, that we have made that clear, the question is what it is like to date a woman who is narcissistic? What kind of games all narcissistic women play in relationships that make them such worse dates?

Below are three explanations:

Narcissist Women Have An Inflated Sense of Self-Importance
Narcissists think that the entire universe will fail without them or that is what they want you to believe. Usually, when they speak, they’ll drop a few big names, boast of what they’ll buy next, or what they did on their last vacations, where they went, how much money they spent, and so on and so forth. It’s very rare for them to ask questions about you or your life. When you date someone who exudes narcissism, you’ll realize that the whole conversation is one sided and it’s all about them and their accomplishments. Most people classify them as conceited and pretentious. For example, if you go on a date with a narcissistic woman, and if you don’t find a seat right away because the place is super busy, she’ll get impatient and even downright angry.

Narcissist Women Have No Empathy for You or Anyone Else
Narcissist Women have zero empathy for people, and that also includes you. What’s even worse is that they tend to belittle people who are already down or at a low point in their lives. Let’s talk about an example: if you happened to date someone and told him about a college friend who is suffering from cancer, and he or she replies that it serves him right as he’s smoked for ten years, then it’s a huge warning sign that you’re with a narcissist. Showing little to no empathy and belittling others makes narcissists feel better about themselves. But, deep down inside they have a sense of inferiority. So, they compensate it by acting superior to people around them.

Narcissist Women Has A Fragile Self-Esteem
Usually, a narcissist responds in a hurtful, critical, and demeaning way to someone who would point any flaws or shortcomings of that person. Then there are other warning signs. Narcissistic women generally appear to be quite charming and intelligent. They know how to control individuals in a way that would entrap you so that you do what they want. When you stop acting or doing the way they want, they get disappointed and angry at you. When it comes to romantic relationships, and for some reason you decide to end it, she will accuse you of all the problems in the relationship and will go on telling everyone they know that you victimized her.

If you’re dating someone and she happens to be a narcissist, remember that it’s not only you who has been the victim of narcissistic behavior, your date has been victimized as well. They actually need professional help.

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