Natubolic Growth Fuel Review: Is This an Effective Muscle Building Supplement?

You can build defined muscles just by working long hours in the gym or by taking muscle building supplements and testosterone boosters. In fact, it’s been found that 99% of muscle building supplements provide users with temporary muscle gain. Some folks might argue that Nitric Oxide (NO) enhancers make users feel that pump. What they don’t know is that the main ingredient in most of these Nitric Oxide (NO) enhancers are actually “muscle building” supplements. You probably know that when men reach their mid-30s and beyond, their testosterone levels decrease, while their cortisol and estrogen increase. If you want to maintain your lean muscle mass and keep body fat ratios in check, it’s important to balance your hormones. You need to have plenty of testosterone. You also need to keep your cortisol and estrogen levels in check.

One way to do that safely and without any side effects is by taking natural hormone and muscle growth optimizers like Natubolic Growth Fuel. Natubolic Growth Fuel is made by Maxgenics and the manufacturer claims that the supplement effectively balances hormones and improves muscle growth.

Benefits of Natubolic Growth Fuel

Natubolic Growth Fuel will make you feel big. It does this by enhancing five key hormones in your body, namely testosterone, cortisol, estrogen, insulin, and natural growth hormone (NGH). The primary benefits are:

  1. It increases testosterone levels
  2. It decreases cortisol levels
  3. It helps maintain estrogen levels
  4. It boosts insulin levels
  5. It increases the body’s natural growth hormone (NGH) production.
  6. It builds lean muscle
  7. It helps burn more fat

Ingredients of Natubolic Growth Fuel and How They Function

As we said earlier, Natubolic Growth Fuel includes ingredients that enhance five key hormones in the body. The ingredients are:
Fenugreek Seed, DHEA, and L-Dopa: These three ingredients help increase testosterone.
Colostrum: It helps increase natural growth hormone (NGH) production.
Alpha Lipoic Acid: It helps boosts insulin production.
Resveratrol, DIM, and Indole -3-Carbinol: These three ingredients reduce estrogen levels.
Ashwagandha Root Extract and Rhodiola Root Extract: Both of these components reduce cortisol.
There are other ingredients such as L-Arginine Alpha, L-Glutamine, Ketoglutarate, and Diindolylmethane.

Instructions are to mix one scoop of Natubolic Growth Fuel with water or another beverage and drink it once a day. It’s recommended that you use Natubolic Growth Fuel for a four-week cycle. Before starting a new cycle, it’s advised you take a week off and start again.

Pros and Cons of Natubolic Growth Fuel

Pros of Natubolic Growth Fuel:

  1. Natubolic Growth Fuel formula is entirely scientific and proven.
  2. The ingredients are all natural.
  3. We found lots of positive Natubolic Growth Fuel reviews on the Maxgenics website.
  4. The Maxgenics website is highly informative and talks a lot about the supplement’s effectiveness in providing energy, muscle gain and overall improvements in health.

Cons of Natubolic Growth Fuel:

  1. It’s expensive when compared to similar supplements.
  2. It sells out quickly as it’s only available in small batches.

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