All Natural Hair Supplement on Shark Tank Gets Biggest Deal in Shark Tank History for Mark and Dave Williams Brothers

During one of the most watched episodes of Shark Tank, brothers Mark and Dave Williams won over the Sharks with their All Natural Hair Supplement. 

It was the first time all 5 investors decided unanimously to invest over a million dollars into a company for 25% of the Williams brothers company. With the research to back their product, the investors new this product would quickly take over the Men's Health industry.

What is the All Natural Hair Supplement on Shark Tank?

Our readers have been sending us emails non-stop asking us to write a report, so you bet we’re interested in the brothers’ hair growth products launch!

With the help of the sharks from Shark Tank, they're ready to re-package and re-brand their products to make available to men worldwide.

Does the All Natural Hair Supplement on Shark Tank Really Work?

‘s main ingredient has us hooked. Most of the hair care products on the market have results that fade after the first few weeks of use. How many times do you pick up a new product, fall in love with it, only to become disenchanted after several weeks of use? Right. Us too.

With quick hair growth and a boost in thickness, shine, and volume, we’re convinced we might not need another hair product. The effect of using for several weeks boosts permanence of results, which is to say you’ll see results long after the honeymoon period wears off. Next trip to Target, you wouldn’t find yourself perusing the pro-product aisle.

Needless to say, we were surprised at how simple, cheap, and effective the Williams brothers’ product is. So clearly, it was time to try it out.

Why Did All Natural Hair Supplement Net The Biggest Investment in Shark Tank History?

The judges couldn't believe that this product could do all of this:

  • Promote healthy new hair growth
  • Controls oiliness and regulates sebum production
  • Prevents hair loss by fortifying the body with nutrients
  • Restores natural hair color and prevents premature greying
  • Stimulates hair growth by awakening dormant hair follicles
  • FDA Approved

“It just doesn't seem real. All of these successful business-minded people want to be a part of . It was very emotional!” Mark explained.

These brothers are the very first contestants in the history of Shark Tank to receive a standing ovation and offers from all five Sharks. They celebrated their success with cake and champagne after the episode wrapped.

Since they filmed their episode, the brothers have been working hard to consider the advice of their mentors.

“We've changed the packaging and totally re-branded the product,” Dave says.

The pair recently launched the product that landed them millions in investments. It's now for sale across the United States!

“Both products we showed on Shark Tank have been re-branded into . It's still the same formula – we've just changed the name and packaging,” Mark explains. 

The products sold out within five minutes of the brothers launching them on their official company website.

“We made sure we had more than enough of the product, but it still sold out completely in five minutes!” Dave says.

The Shark Tank investors are celebrating their huge investment, and men everywhere are rushing to purchase ! Customers are saying that the results are life changing!

Clinical tests of have shown that men who use the product are growing fuller, thicker hair than ever before. Continued use of the product prevents balding and thinning hair.

Celebrities Are Obsessed With the Shark Tank Hair Growth Pills

is life-changing. It's the only product that can really fight the signs of hair loss in a healthy and natural way.” – Kevin Costner

“I started using a few months ago and I'm shocked by the results. My hair has never been this thick!” – John Travolta

“I'm getting older and it's definitely showing in my hair. This is why I love . It makes me looks like I'm in my 20's again!” – Tom Hanks

“For two years now I've been using . I'm so thankful for it! I've tried so many treatments to deal with my thinning hair, but they all came with side effects. has the best results, no doubt.” – Matthew McConaughey

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IMPORTANT: *We have tested both products together, so It is important that you use Step 1 and Step 2 in this method to achieve similar results.



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