When You Need A Best Friend More Than A Boyfriend

When you’re looking for love, you need your best friend more than your boyfriends. Wait, what? Yes, it’s odd, but when you want to learn about love and hone the skills that will make you a great partner, it’s your relationship with your best pal that will be of most help.

Communication is one of the important factors to have a loving and a committed relationship. Women often complain that they’ve poor communication skills because they don’t have a boyfriend. They think if you want to have excellent relationship skills you need a man to practice it. Though a man would have been helpful, it’s better if we know how to deal with relationships before we get involved into one. But, many argue that the relationship with a boyfriend is different from our other relationships, so that’s why it’s not possible. That’s not entirely correct.

Let’s us examine into some situations familiar with couples. Most men and women have to deal with the fear of being abandoned, the inability of speaking our mind or expressing our deep feelings, and the propensity of giving too much of ourselves than the other person during relationships. If we attempted to “work” on these relationship issues while dating a man, they could act as a deterrent to romance. And the problems will only get bigger and more complicated if the man has his issues to work out as well. If we don’t do all the things that need to be done before we get to start dating a guy, then our relationships will experience a lot of problems and heck a lot of drama – sooner or later.

So, it makes perfect sense to learn all the relationship skills that are required if we need to have a loving and long-lasting relationship with a best friend. And the truth is it does help us to teach us about love.

We can hopefully agree that we are with our best friends we are more flexible, more forgiving and less judgmental than when we are in our romantic lives. This is because when we are with our best friends we don’t have much to lose, but we do. How we treat our family members, friends, and other people tell us a lot of our ability to love.

Anyways, here are three ways our best friends can help us to be good partners:

• We can improve our communication skills. We can learn to be more genuine, more truthful and more honest because we know that they respect and value us, and accept us with open arms, no matter who we are.

• We can learn not to be needy, desperate and less clingy. We can feel more secure when someone we love isn’t around us all the time.

• We can learn to be more welcoming, forgiving and accepting. We are not our friends. They are not like us. They do things we never do, say things we never speak and think about stuff we seldom think. Still, we accept them nonetheless and don’t try to change them. We accept them for who they are.

The bottom line is we will never overcome our fears and problems, but we can work to lessen them, so they show up now and then in our lives. So, a best friend will be of more help here than asking your boyfriend. After all, it’s much better to use our time on what matters most in life – love.

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