Do You Need To Be Lucky To Be In A Relationship?

You’re single, and your friends and family know why. They tell you that you’re too picky, too needy, too set in your ways, and so on. So, you try to make a change. You begin dating someone who is not your type. You try to be social, have fun and spend time with your family and friends. You do something you like, go on a hike, or take guitar lessons. You do things that terrify you like rock climbing, singing or public speaking, or anything that is out of your comfort zone. In short, you get rid of all your quirks and flaws hoping that one day you’ll meet your partner to spend the rest of your life.

So, what if you’re already capable of meeting a partner and the only thing you needed to do was to find the right man or woman? What if finding true love is all about good luck? This reflection can be both liberating and discouraging. It’s liberating because you feel relieved that you don’t need to change yourself to find love, and discouraging because meeting the right partner is entirely up to chance. It means that there is little we can do. After all, we are powerless when it comes to controlling luck.

However, it’s more complicated than that. Here’s why:

1. Focus on the opportunity you currently have, instead of the one that you desire

A friend invites you to a party, and you agree to go only because he or she said that there would be many single attractive people attending the event. You dress up nicely, show up in the party, and started looking for men or women to flirt. Well, it didn’t happen as you expected. You didn’t meet anyone new to date. But, a lucky person is pretty aware that even if he or she doesn’t find their partner, it’s still a chance to make connections. He or she makes a new friend, find some help to get a good job or an apartment – and within a few months or years, he or she will share that apartment with their future husband or wife.

So, you see that’s how a lucky person makes the most of his or her chance, which makes them even more fortunate. Flexibility is what makes an individual lucky. Lucky folks consider many options that will help them to achieve what they want and switch from one thing to another when things don’t give expected results.

2. Pay attention to your good luck

A buddy introduces you to a smart, cute lady, and you ask her to join you for dinner. Before the date, your friend call and tells you that, either she’s looking forward for the date, or, she’s surprised and can’t remember your name, but she’s still looking forward to the date.

So, what will you do?

One of the reasons things seem to work for lucky people is that they face situations anticipating the best possible outcomes. So, for instance, if you go on a date feeling happy, confident and relaxed, then you’re very likely to enjoy the date more than if you’re defensive and anxious.

Ultimately, lucky people are lucky because they believe they’re lucky. If you’re single and looking for someone, and still haven’t found anyone, to love, then maybe fate isn’t at your side, and you can’t force yourself to believe in something you don’t believe or is different.

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