You Need To Understand These 3 Things About Love If You Want To Fall In Love

Love is one of the most wonderful of human emotions. It can make us happy, but it can also give us pain and hurt us. Love can be complicated, sometimes, as the definition of what “true love” really is different for different people. So, if you define love of what you have seen in movies or books, it's time to rethink.

So, what does it mean to be in love? Below are three things about the love you need to know if you are looking for a romantic relationship:

1. Love is a responsibility, it is not a right.
Being in love is easy. But, maintaining the love in the relationship requires dedication and effort. If you neglect the love in your relationship and don’t your part, the relationship will end. It takes determination and practice to consider the impact your actions on a constant basis that will impact on your partner. If you see yourself not ready enough for real effort, tough conversations, commitment, or to compromise your expectations of what you want to get from the relationship, then it’s safe to say that you aren’t completely ready to be in a romantic relationship. In other words, if you can’t commit to someone else’s love, you aren’t ready to be in a relationship. You can fight for love, but you can’t force love on someone else. The point of love is to give yourself away. You can’t use love as a tool to fulfill your own needs. Just because you love someone, doesn’t mean that he or she should love you back. That’s just selfish.

2. Love needs to change over time.
Just like everything else in this world, love also changes. Love need to change to keep it interesting. Most of us expect our partners to be a same just like the time when we first met them. But, it will make the relationship boring. So, give your relationship room to move. Not allowing your partner from letting their talents from emerging or expressing what they like to say or do, will not only keep them from thriving, it also keeps you from broadening your minds. Sure, this will make you uncomfortable, but if partners allow each other to float in different directions, both partners will celebrate, love, and admire each other in new ways. If you are afraid that letting your significant other to grow upwards will create problems in the relationship, he or she will only resent you.

3. You choose to love. You don't just fall in love.
You love someone because you have decided to give your energy and vulnerability to another person. You can’t be in love with someone because you are feeling an intense attraction to that person. If you love a woman simply you are attracted or lusting after her, the relationship won’t last. Why? Because when the lust and attraction for that person go away, your relationship will also go with it. The key here is to figure out the reason for the attraction.  Being in a romantic relationship can make you feel super excited, but it's also a thoughtful decision. Maybe you decided to get into a relationship because you want to learn something about yourself or how it feels to grow up.


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