Too Needy In Your Relationships? Read This To Be Sure!

Are people telling you that you’re too needy in relationships? Did you feel that sometimes you feel too desperate and needy when your partner is around? Being needy is a major deal-breaker when it comes to choosing partners. So, it’s essential that you recognize this problem and take steps to address it. Neediness is something that can be rectified, but it will take some time and effort as well as your will to work on it.

Let’s begin with some questions, and then we’ll figure out what can be done to make your life better and different.

1. Do you get worried how much the person you’re dating likes you or not?
Often needy people fret and worry. They’re always someone to like or abandon them. Most men and women don’t over think this issue. They tell that if they like me, they would be with me, and if they don’t, they won’t. Case closed!

2. Do you prefer to spend almost all of your free time with the person you’re dating?
Spending all of your free time with the man or woman you’re dating isn’t healthy or normal. A person’s emotional needs are different from each other. We have different kinds of individuals in our lives that relate to various parts of our characters and personalities. Most men and women know very well they can’t be entirely responsible for the happiness of one person. Meanwhile, needy people try to be the only person their boyfriends or girlfriends need to care about and make him or her happy.

3. Do you feel insecure when your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to hang out with other friends, and they don’t tag you along?
If you want to have a successful and long-term relationship, don’t ever think of making the person you’re dating feeling closed off or claustrophobic. If your boyfriend or girlfriend tells you that he or she is going to a party or hang out with their friends, and doesn’t include you, don’t get dramatic. Instead, support them and accept it. It’s only the needy and clingy men and women, who feel threatened and vulnerable in these situations. It makes their partner feel overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated when they see that it’s the neediness of their partner that’s making them feel this way.

4. Do you make the relationship monogamous and exclusive in the first few weeks of dating?
Most men and women take things slow at the beginning of their relationships. It’s a thoughtful and healthy approach, no doubt. But, needy men and women always fear that taking things slowly will make their dates lose interest in them, and they’ll walk away. So, they put pressure on the person they’re dating to make their relationship official and exclusive as soon as possible. Needy people think if they make their relationship monogamous quickly will make the relationship stable and everlasting. But, we all know that doesn’t work all the time. So, don’t do it!

5. Are you trying too hard to forecast the future and always wondering whether the relationship will last or not?
Wondering about the future of the relationship is perfectly fine when you’re in a committed relationship. But, predicting the outcome accurately of the future is impossible. How can you tell for sure whether the two of you stay together or break up after a few months? Regular folk thinks about these unpredictable issues sometimes or from time to time. But, not needy men and women. They wonder about these issues all the time, and sometimes they get so caught up in anticipating about the future of their relationship, which doesn't feel peaceful or enjoys the relationship.

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