Neglecting The Little Things is What Ruins Marriages

Let’s face it: all of us are stressed out. But don’t let the daily stress of your hectic life keep you away from showing your partner love and affection. During the early days of a romantic relationship, we feel enchanted by our spouse. We keep hoping and praying that they’ll become our best friend and life partner. Our focus on our partners is so much that we let our girlfriends or boyfriends know that they are the ongoing object of our unconditional love and affection. We look at them with love in our eyes, we send then loving texts, and utter words of love and appreciation like, “I love you.”

But whenever we find ourselves in a secure and committed relationship, we start to behave like ordinary people. We get engulfed by all the mundane things we need to do and focus more on our own issues and the stresses of daily life. This is normal, because we can’t live our whole lives in an elevated state of intense romance forever. Sometimes we return and recall our past romantic experiences together by going on a dinner date or a vacation. But as we become busy with our routines, we might unconsciously find that our partners need our love, attention, and affection. It’s the lack of these three vital elements that can destroy a marriage or a long-term relationship.

For example, if you’re busy on your phone and walking into the house after work, wave at your wife as you see her while walking through the room. You can feel that may not work for her, and she might also think that she’s an afterthought. This can create some tension in your relationship and your partner might feel you don’t have much affection for her anymore. So, make sure when you return home to let her know that you’re glad to see her. Do you have to do it every time? Not always. Sometimes you don’t have to get off your phone and tell her how happy and glad to have her in your life. Nonetheless, try to do it most of the time. Sometimes you might get defensive when your partner starts an argument with you. But, bear in mind that your spouse is trying to make a connection with you. So, rather than getting all defensive, pause for a moment, and think of how great it is that you have a partner who wants to connect with you when you come home. That thought is enough to bring good feelings between you.

So, pay some conscious attention to the little things throughout your relationship on a daily basis. All of those small gestures will add up to feelings of abundant love, fun, and support. So, touch your partner as you walk past her, hug her for no reason, or kiss her unexpectedly. Also, look with love into her eyes, or buy her favorite ice-cream or a gift for no reason – basically, do all the things that you’ve done when you both met and fell in love with each other for the first time.

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