Never Let Your Past Unhealthy Relationships To Keep You Away From Finding True Love!

So, what you haven't experienced real love yet, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. If you still aren’t in a truly loving relationship, you aren’t alone. If you look a little closer, you’ll find that plenty of men and women asking the same painful question, “Why doesn't anyone seem to love me?” Though it’s easy to find relationship advice on the internet, books, and magazines, the real challenge is how to put those answers and wisdom into actual use.

Naturally, most of us struggle with the pain of loneliness when we're not in a loving relationship. And in a survey by Consumer Expenditure, it’s been reported that singles spend $1.9 trillion every year on everything starting from clothes, dining outside, and seeking out relationship advice. Yes, you heard that right —$1.9 trillion every year. It’s preposterous, right? Being lonely isn’t just painful and sad, it’s expensive too. And in spite of all the searching, hunting, exploring, trying and experiencing lots of love options, many men and women still find themselves in unhappy, unhealthy, and unsatisfying relationships. This makes a lot of men and women to become delusional about true love, and many conclude that they won’t be truly loved by other people.

So, why is like this? Why finding true and unconditional love is so hard and elusive? Before we delve into this subject, let’s find answers to these questions such as, “How can someone know what a healthy relationship looks or feels like if they've never experienced one in the past? What is supposed to happen if someone is still in love with his or her ex? What can you do to inspire yourself that true love does exist and you can be in one? But, to make things simple, one of the best relationship advice we can give to you to be in a healthy relationship or marriage is by changing your attitude about love. Yes, there are actions, steps, and initiatives for you to take, programs to work on your relationship, but you’ve to bear in mind that these tools alone cannot bring true love in your life. And it won't be easy for you to be in a relationship if your attitude about love is negative.

If you want to see a change in how you experience love, you’ve no alternative other than changing your mind about love. For this to take place, you must at first mentally embrace the possibility that you can have true love in your life. Then, you should envision this possibility fully and invest your time and effort to work on your own issues. And talking about issues, all of us have them. Make a list of all of the underlying problems and try to get a sense of these matters, and how those issues can impact you to have a happy and healthy relationship. Just remember, there's nothing a website, book, guru, therapist, coach, training or course can do to you to find true love if you don't start believing that you're worthy of love and that you also can have true love in your life.

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