Should You NEVER Make Someone a Priority?

When you are madly in love with someone, that person is your top priority. No matter what comes in your way or whatever it may cost to you, you can manage to spare your precious time for your most dear one. You welcome and accept them the way they are wholeheartedly and simply love to care about them. It makes you even happier to be there for them all the time. And when you get the same level of care and attention in response, there is nothing else you want to wish for yourself.

What if the feelings are not similar and mutual? The top priority person, your sweetheart, does not respond you the way you expect, the relationship will start to take a bitter turn and will get worse over time. Misunderstandings in expectations are often the biggest reason for the bad relationship which leads to disappointments and eventually spoils everything between the two. It leaves you helpless and heartbroken.

What I believe is that keeping a relationship is just like barter. It is a constant process of giving and takes on equal levels which are helpful in keeping the love wheel of your life spinning smoothly and more efficiently. Loving is not about maintaining the count of each side as love is unconditional. But in a perfect relationship, it involves two people who have to put in constant efforts to keep their relationship alive

The relationship works best when the love and affection shared is equal from both the sides. If at any point in life you start realizing that your partner is using you or is taking you for granted, back off at once. No doubt it is going to hurt you, but it is better to walk away then to undergo the pain of one sided relationship.

Signs that you have made someone a priority but you are taken as an option

If your relationship makes you unhappy and depressed, then, the big chances are that you are into a one-sided relationship. It is the time to figure out that who is just passing the time and is receiving more love and care than they deserve.

  • They just expect you to give and give. They do not consider giving back.
  • You will be let down by them even if it is related to a smallest of your desire or expectations from them.
  • You are kept as their time pass when they have nothing better to do in their life.
  • They do not care about your feelings at all. Even at times when you emotionally say your heart out, they will never try to understand what you mean and tries to defend themselves in every possible manner.
  • You will feel a constant pain and hurt each time this person is around you.
  • No matter how much you put an effort to make them feel good and happy, they will never get satisfied and prefer paying attention to somebody else.
  • You won’t be able to win their hearts and will always be taken for granted.
  • They turned out to be extremely selfish; the one who always put their needs before you and always try to just boss you around.

Well, if you face any of the signs that are mentioned above then it is the time that you start thinking about yourself and take a step back. You will be far better alone rather than living your life with such a person who is self-centered and doesn’t know how to handle and keep the relationship with heed and warmth.

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