New To Dating? Here Is What Drives 99% Of All Women Crazy!

New to dating?New to dating? You are not the only one. Every man has started from one point or another. He gains experience with time, as he meets new women and tries different things. There are also a lot of misconceptions regarding the dating industry. The world is bombed with commercials, pictures and edited pictures that describe perfect bodies. Inevitably, people have developed a misconception regarding what the perfect partner should look like. But then, the appearance is not everything, hence the necessity of some advice for new relationships. In fact, the looks might represent up to 10% of what really matters for a woman.

At the same time, you can probably relate to a lot of men who shower with money and drive the latest cars. They are, indeed, successful when it comes to women, but they are unable to maintain longterm relationships. They find superficial partners who only want to taste wealth before moving on. A real man requires a lot of different qualities in order to draw a lady's attraction. It is hard to find all of them in one individual, but it is not impossible. They can be trained and practiced, but only if men would only know what to pay attention to. All in all, when new to dating, ensure that you do know what a lady expects from you before even approaching her and introducing yourself.

With these aspects in mind, smartness may look nerdy at first. However, it can become extremely attractive to beautiful women, but only if used in the right manner. This is one of the most overlooked relationship advice for guys. It is important to know the difference between smartness and cleverness. Cleverness can be achieved by studying, reading and pushing your limits. Practically, it is easy to train. Unfortunately, according to numerous research studies, it looks like the cleverer you are (from an academical point of view), the less successful you are with women. On the other hand, being smart is different and may also imply being sneaky and fast.

Smartness is quite attractive, but only if it is perceived to bring value to its own world. It sounds hard to understand, but it is not. Everything depends on the way you introduce and “sell” yourself. You can be a psychologist, a doctor or an engineer. It makes no difference. There are usually two types of introductions. You can introduce yourself and underline the fact that you are clever and you know a lot of smart things. On the other hand, you can also introduce yourself and let a lady know that you can unveil hidden perspectives about her style and the world she lives in. Obviously, the second type of introduction is more appealing. It is intriguing, but also creates an aura of mystery around you. You become a challenge and she feels like she needs to discover you.

Introducing yourself when new to dating is an actual art that can be learned in no time.

Being comfortable with your own sexuality represents a good idea too. Women love sex as much as men do – maybe even more. However, they do not show it and they do not talk about it. Just like many other valuables in life, an extraordinary lover is hard to find. Most women experience these problems.

Therefore, they instantly become addicted to men who show them how to get in touch with their sensual side. A good lover will help a woman experience sexual emotions beyond her imagination. The even more important thing is to show a woman that it is perfectly fine to get in touch with this sensual side. This result can only be achieved by being confident in yourself. If you are comfortable with your own sexuality, she will follow the lead.

Read a few books, watch a few educational movies and learn to sexually communicate with the beautiful women you run into. This is an extraordinary love advice for men. Your “victims” will perceive you as the knight who came off their hidden dreams.

Last, but not least, do not forget about romanticism. Romanticism has evolved a lot over the past decades. You can forget about the type of romanticism that your grandfather used to tell you about. While many of those techniques still work, romanticism has less to do with making gifts, bringing flowers, taking her out for a romantic walk or inviting her out for dinner. In fact, romanticism may have more definitions. One of them is entirely emotional. A deep emotional connection is an extremely important dating advice for guys.

Understanding this concept is far from your expectations. Men communicate one with another in a clear and rational manner. Men never use hidden meanings or metaphors. They describe things just like they happened. Women act differently. They tell the story in the same manner, but they look for the hidden meaning. Sometimes, different women may perceive the same story in a few different ways. To a lot of men, this type of emotional communication sounds like a foreign language. But at the same time, this foreign language can work in your interest.

Learn how to communicate in a smart way in the attempt to emotionally connect with a woman. When she sees you as her soul mate, you are finally there. It takes time and practice to get there, but you have to learn to watch far beyond the surface that every man can see. Find and bring to light whatever is positive in her and she will hang on like a limpet. Fascinate her with emotional interpretations regarding what you have just found out about her and she will fall in love with you. And if you show her how to love herself for the extraordinary women that she is, she will most likely love you forever.

When new to dating, these tips will take your far ahead your more experienced competition. Do take your time and practice. Do not expect the perfect relationship from the first attempt either, since you have to experiment a bit.

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