New Vitamin-Infused Coffee Has Americans Feeling More Energetic and Less Fatigued

Americans are Feeling More Energetic and Less Chronic Fatigue Thanks to this New Vitamin-Infused Coffee…

Coffee is our green-light in the mornings. Our ability to wake up, perform throughout the day, and get things done is driven by our coffee consumption. Thanks to a Harvard study, we know that 54% of Americans 18 years and up drink at least one cup of coffee per day.

That’s a lot of people who wake up and fill their cup with an extra energy boost. As you head off to work, school, or other activities, wouldn’t you want a bit of a boost, too? Daily activities are a lot easier when you’ve got a bit of pep in your step.

Harvard isn’t the only institution to catch onto our coffee craze. A study published in the journal Circulation tackles another perspective. The study published in Circulation showed coffee drinkers are less likely to experience “premature death,” and they’re more protected against the chances of suffering from a stroke, or type II diabetes. Crazy, right?

It’s safe to say we’ve discovered there are health benefits to drinking coffee, or consuming coffee of some kind. Researchers have found it’s actually pretty good for you to drink a cup of joe every day. At least one cup each day, but unfortunately that bump of caffeine doesn’t always do it for everyone. Just one cup of coffee doesn’t provide the pep or energy boost us Americans are looking for.

If you’ve ever had coffee, you know one cup is fun but two gets things done. So, it’s also safe to say that many of us drink 2, 3, or even more cups of coffee in a day. However what goes up must come down, and eventually we suffer the dreaded caffeine crash. What if your coffee was super charged to banish that caffeine crash?

Meet : coffee extraordinaire. Each and every single cup of VitaCup is supercharged with a good ole dose of antioxidants and vitamins your body needs. What’s more? VitaCup will work with your Keurig just fine (K-cup compatible) and the pods are environmentally responsible. Until VitaCup, your coffee drinking benefits were limited to natural roast. And now, they're not.

Finally A Coffee with Antioxidants and Vitamins!

Research shows most Americans are lacking in critical vitamins. Did you know 40% of us have a vitamin deficiency?

Vitamins are really important, probably more so than the average adult recognizes. Lacking in different vitamins can cause a myriad of issues, some physical and some even psychological. Vitamin B-12 is super important, and a deficiency of B-12 can cause depression, paranoia, memory issues, anxiety, and other psychological changes. No thanks!

Vitamin D deficiency shows up with unwanted side effects, too. Physical symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency include muscle weakness and soft bones. Lots of us have deficiencies in these two vitamins in particular.

What better way to replenish important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than with a healthy dose of them from your daily cup of coffee?

has seven important vitamins your body needs to operate at its best. Fight free radicals and environmental damage with the help of VitaCup’s added antioxidants.

    1. B1Thiamine (B1) helps our bodies break down carbohydrates from food and turn them into things our bodies need. Basically, Thiamine helps your body get what it needs from what you eat.
    2. B5Dexpanthenol (B5) also works in your body to break down food. B5 converts food to fuel. It even helps your body utilize other vitamins you ingest. Say goodbye to that dreaded caffeine crash!
    3. B6Pyridoxine (B6) does a bunch of things for our bodies, primarily soothing PMS and even inflammation associated with arthritis.
    4. B9Folic Acid (B9) supports our bodies in so many ways. Your nervous system will thank you for ingesting more Folic Acid, as will your hair, skin, and nails. Folic Acid helps nourish along new cells, too.
    5. B12 –  Cyanocobalamin (B12) supports your nervous system, helping it function without the hiccups up anxiety, paranoia, and depression. B12 will help boost mood and energy levels.
    6. D3 – You know that feel-good feeling you get from hanging out in the sun? D vitamins are the cause. D3 will help your weight loss efforts, and even support your immune system.
    7. Antioxidants – free radicals are harmful little guys introduced to our bodies by the environment. Consumption of antioxidants helps to obstruct them in your bloodstream and cleanse your system of free radicals.

Why load up on different vitamin pills when you could get the same kind of effect from your morning coffee? Thanks to VitaCup, you won’t need a giant pill case for your vitamins anymore.

And just sayin', there aren't any carbs or sugars in VitaCup. Add in the sweet if you need it.

Created to Keep Vitamins’ Full Effects

VitaCup wanted to make sure everyone drinking a cup was going to get their fill of vitamins, so the nutritional information on the product packages is accurate after brewing. Most of the vitamins are pretty resilient to heat, so you can keep your vitamins and drink your coffee warm.

The company does, however, want to make sure you know if you reheat your coffee multiple times there may be a tiny bit of nutritional loss. Drink up, folks!

Another important tidbit from VitaCup relates to how many cups you can or should drink in a day. They suggest limiting your intake to 3 cups a day, but the extra vitamins won’t hurt you. “Technically additional vitamins aren’t harmful,” says , “If you drink too much, the extra nutrients will be released when you urinate.”

Fabulous Flavor from Sustainable Coffee by an Eco-Friendly Company

VitaCup is ecologically and environmentally responsible by creating BPA-free K-cup style pods. They’re recyclable at a number 5 recycling center. This is a really cool feature considering it reduces waste, and that’s an issue when it comes to K-cup pods.

On to the good stuff: the coffee. VitaCup’s coffee is fair trade arabica coffee that comes from only the best beans in South America. If you stick your nose up at certain kinds of coffee, don’t worry. Tried, tested, and true VitaCup will satisfy even the coffee-snob.

As if VitaCup didn’t offer enough, the company teams up with Vitamin Angels, an organization to help end the fight against global malnutrition. 2% of all profits go to Vitamin Angels.

Choose Your Favorite Blend of Coffee or Tea

From French Roast to Dark Roast, has a flavor for you. Even you, decaf drinkers.

Not a coffee-drinker? That’s OK. With the ever-growing list of flavored coffees and teas on the market, the company wanted to make sure every hot beverage drinker’s palette was pleased. Try the Green Tea, and have your vitamin needs and taste bud satisfaction met!

Where to Buy VitaCup:

Though it’d be nice and easy to pick up VitaCup from your favorite supermarket, currently VitaCup is only available online. Eventually, it’s the company’s goal to get their vitamin-infused product into major retailers around the country though. Hang in there.

With low prices, bundles are available online in 16, 32, 64, and 128 count packages. Add some vitamins into your next cup of coffee. If you want to support an environmentally responsible, fair-trade company and kick your life into a healthier gear, is for you. Toss your traditional coffee, and replace it with a delicious, inexpensive, and vitamin-charged cup of coffee. Click below to get a discount available only to our readers:

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