No Romance in Your Relationship? What Should You Do?

Sometimes romance can bring up strong reactions in people. It might create tension in your relationship because your partner expects you to be romantic, but you can’t. You feel upset and frustrated with your relationship, as it’s not the one you wanted. Anger, resentment and regret sets in your relationship as you can’t see the romance you had during the early days of your relationship.

Here are some reasons that might explain why there is no romance in your relationship and what you can do about it:

You And Your Significant Other Are Stuck
If you feel that you’re stuck in a passionless relationship, it’s very likely you’re not making it up. You probably have some genuine and legitimate reasons why you think that there is no romance in your relationship. The best approach to resolve this situation to get curious, stop looking to blame someone and try to get an explanation why you feel stuck and what behaviors you and you partner have that brought your relationship to this point.

For instance, it could be that both of you’ve become so busy with your jobs and lives, you both don’t have enough time to spend or be physically intimate with each other. So get creative and spend more time with one another. The more you do that, the easier it will be to reignite the romance.

Resentment And Anger Are In The Way
Resentment and anger are the biggest passion killers in any romantic relationships. If you notice any one of these emotions or both of them dominant in your relationship or within you, figure out its origins. Ask yourself what events have given birth to anger and resentment in your relationship? What conflicts remain unresolved? Take initiatives to learn from your past, make peace with the past, and resolve issues that linger between you and your spouse. And keep in mind to do so in a manner that will enable you and your partner to be heard and to move forward, and live more peacefully and harmoniously in the present moment.

One Or Both Of You’re Afraid To Trust
A relationship cannot thrive and last if there is mistrust between you and your partner. When you don't trust your partner or yourself fully, you won’t be fully open and intimate with your significant other, and both of you will feel it. There might be some good reasons for you holding back or mistrusting. So, it’s crucial that your doubts and be clear whether the mistrust in your relationship has its roots from past experiences or from things happening now. You simply can’t have romance back into your relationship when the foundation of trust is broken or almost nonexistent. Therefore, make a sincere effort to rebuild the trust.

Your Thoughts About Romance And Love Are Different
This is pretty common. Two people in a relationship have entirely different preferences and views of love and romance. One partner might think that he or she is expressing love while the other person doesn't see it. Though it’s supportive to know how you want to be loved, it’s also important that you are flexible in that department. Don’t hesitate to communicate to your partner what make you feel loved or romantic to you, but don’t dictate your mate to provide with a romantic experience that he won’t be able to provide. Instead, receive the love that your partners offers, even if it’s the one you expected. Keep doing this and the door of romance will open more for you.

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