No Scrubs: 5 Dating Dealbreakers For Women

When it comes to dating, there are just certain things that no one wants to deal with. Some things are total red flags that say: “DO NOT DATE THIS PERSON!” When it comes to these “dating dealbreakers,” men and women are a little bit different. Women have some absolute dealbreakers about men that they cannot get past. If you want to know what women absolutely do not want in a man, check out the five dating dealbreakers for women below:

1. He doesn't have a job.

Perhaps the biggest dealbreaker for women is when a man does not have a job. It's one thing if he is transitioning to a different career. It's another if he consistently gets fired from part-time jobs, or if he just refuses to get a job. Having a job means having responsibility and stability. If a man doesn't have these things, he's not a keeper.

2. He doesn't have a car.

Unless he just totaled his car in a freak accident, this is a dealbreaker. Women want their man to have reliable transportation. They don't want a grown man who is riding a bicycle around or taking the bus everywhere! They want a man who can be self-sufficient and get himself where he needs to go…because he has a car.

3. He still lives with his parents and has no justifiable reason to.

This one is a little debatable, because there are certain instances in which someone needs to live with their parents. For example, are his parents sick or elderly and rely on him as a caretaker? Then it is totally understandable and actually respectable for him to be living with them. If he lives with his parents because he just wants to be a bum and have them take care of him at 30 years old, this is a dealbreaker.

4. He's got a criminal background.

Having been arrested for a trivial crime once when you were younger is not a big deal. Having been arrested 10 times for serious crimes is a big deal. If a guy has a lengthy criminal background, consider this a total dealbreaker.

5. He hates animals and/or children.

Some women love animals. Some women love children. Many women love both. For most women, a man who hates animals or children lacks compassion. It also means he'll never want to be a pet owner or a father. That makes hating children and/or animals a complete and utter dealbreaker.

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