No Smoking Zone: 3 Major Reasons No One Wants To Date A Smoker

dating someone who smokes

There are a lot of dealbreakers when it comes to dating. Some examples may be not having a job, not having a car, etc. One of the biggest dating dealbreakers is smoking cigarettes. Very few people want to date a smoker and we don't blame them! Check out three of the major reasons no one wants to date a smoker below:

1. It's Unhealthy

The biggest reason no one wants to date a smoker is because it is unhealthy. Smoking cigarettes is bad for everyone involved. It's bad for the smoker, eventually leading to things like cancer and heart disease. It's also bad for anyone who is around them on a regular basis because inhaling the secondhand smoke can actually lead to the same serious conditions.

2. It Gives You Bad Breath/Bad Teeth

While smokers tend to ignore this awful aspect of smoking, the people around them cannot ignore it. Smoking cigarettes makes your breath smell awful and it destroys your teeth. Who wants to kiss someone when their mouth smells like an ashtray and their teeth are disgusting?

3. It's An Addictive Behavior

Smoking cigarettes is an addictive behavior, which makes it really hard to maintain a healthy relationship with someone who smokes. It may seem silly or trivial, but smoking cigarettes really does have a negative impact on a relationship because of the addictive behavior it creates. Smokers feel compelled to take frequent “cigarette breaks,” which can interfere with spending quality time with a partner. They also feel compelled to spend all of their money on packs of cigarettes, which can lead to financial difficulties – a common cause of relationship issues.

dating a smoker

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