Non-Verbal Communication And Body Language In A Relationship

Communication is always known for forming the foundation of a successful relationship. It is essential in binding the two individuals together. It is a two-way go where one listens and the other speaks, vice versa.

Apart from the usage of words only, your actions speak. Where communicating verbally is necessary, nonverbal communication and our body language play a very significant role in expressing our feelings and emotions. Facial expressions, eye contact, posture, gestures and our tone of voice speak more than our words. The ability to understand and also the usage of nonverbal communication and body language is very essential and is also a powerful tool to connect with people as well as build robust and healthy relationships.

When it comes to the main concept of body language and nonverbal communication, then body language is more likely to be referred to as nonverbal communication and the term nonverbal communication is considered to be taken in a wider sense.

Types of nonverbal communication and body language

The most commonly explained nonverbal communication signs and signals are mentioned below:

  • Facial Expressions:

Facial expressions are universal, and a person’s facial expression expresses more quickly and clearly than words. Our face can express countless emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, surprise and fear.

  • Eye Contact:

Eye contact is one of the most significant types of nonverbal communication. While talking to someone, it keeps your conversation in a flow. By looking at someone, it can clearly express your interest, affection, and attraction.

  • Gestures:

On indulging into an argument, we often use gestures like pointing, waving, etc. which give a wrong impression. So while using gestures, you must be very careful.

On the other hand, there are certain sweet little gestures that can make a day of your partner and bring you close together.

  • Body Movement and Postures:

What people perceive about you is affected by the way you sit, stand, walk, etc. the way you move and carry yourself in public communicates much about you to the people moving around you.

  • Touch:

A message is conveyed, and the emotions are expressed clearly through touch. Think about the feelings of the individual who gave you a warm hug, tap on the shoulder, weak handshake, tightening the grip on your arm, etc. It somewhat clears your mind.

  • Voice:

It is not only about what you say, but it also considers how you say it. The tone and your sound have a sometimes greater impact than the words.

The role of nonverbal communication and body language in a relationship

Nonverbal signs are easily understood by the person who has the very close relationship as friends and partner. The deeper is the understanding for the positive signs; the greater is the closeness and stronger the bond becomes.

And when something goes wrong, hiding your feelings from the people to whom you are close to is tough. In attempting to do so, the other person may get a bad feeling or the idea which leads to misconception and even conflict.

While dealing with professional life, positive nonverbal communication helps in building strong business relationships whereas negative nonverbal communication can raise conflicts and business disturbances.

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