How Not To Feel Insecure In A New Relationship

It’s wonderful being in a new relationship. Getting to know that new special someone, getting butterflies in your tummy while looking at them – it’s an amazing feeling and experience. You both holding hands, share your hopes and dreams for the future, great sex, and feeling insecure. Wait. What? Feeling vulnerable? Where on earth did that come from? Yes, when we become attached to someone we love deeply; a sense of insecurity can show its ugly face because we are afraid of loss. If left uncontrolled this fear of loss can harm your new relationship.

When you're feeling insecure, here are some ways that will bring back the confidence in your new relationship:

Tell Yourself That You’re Awesome In Every Way
Think about that man you met when you were single and who wasn’t questioning your self-worth. This man is the man who made you feel insecure. This is the man who has decided to date an awesome like you. Remember you’re an awesome woman in every way. Nobody can be you. Also, keep in mind that you’re so awesome that more than one guy wants to date you. And if the guy you’re dating can’t appreciate who you are, then it’s his loss. By the way, you have a job that you love; ran in marathons, have great friends you love to spend time with, and so on and so forth. How awesome is that?

Live Your Life
If you’ve met someone, then don’t sit around idle and wait to for him or her to call you for a date. This is nothing but a waste of time. You have a life to live. So, enjoy it, live it. Do your work well, and try to get that promotion. Take yoga classes. Play with your dog. Hang out with friends. Do all of the stuff that makes you feel good about yourself. Also doing all the things that you like doing will make you active and busy, and in the meantime, if a guy reaches out to you, he‘ll keep wondering why you aren't busy with him. And that’s a good thing.

Remember You're Not Alone Who Is Feeling This Way
The more attached we are to someone we love, the more we fear to lose them. This fear of losing someone we are deeply connected to might change or impact us in ways that might seem foreign. For example, a highly confident woman might get replaced with a shy woman you used to before you started looking for a relationship. But do you know that this new person in your life might be feeling the same way too? They might like to call or text, or would like to take you on a date. You might find them needy. And that's a good sign and will make you feel less insecure.

Unplug Yourself From Social Media
When you’re in a new relationship, there is one thing that you should stop doing – spending time on social media. Social media can lead us down the road to despair and loneliness, even in good times. Stop looking at how other people are living, and then comparing it with yours. It’s a total waste of time. Don’t stalk your suitor on social media because it would only hurt you, if you see him doing things with someone that he shouldn’t be doing, or if you just can’t find him. Therefore, go live your life again. Don’t just sit around and stop looking what everyone else’s life looks like.

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