Not Over You: 4 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

While many breakups are meant to be permanent, there are some couples who breakup and ultimately reunite. How can you tell if your broken relationship is destined to work out after all? You first need to figure out if your ex wants you back. This may be hard to find out, since it's unlikely they'll come right out and say it directly. To help you out, these are 4 signs your ex wants you back:

1. You Keep “Coincidentally” Running Into Them

If you find that you keep coincidentally running into your ex, there could be a reason for that. Your ex may be purposely hanging out at places where they know you'll show up. If your ex is strategically staging casual run-ins, it's a major sign that they're still into you! These staged encounters could be to see how you look, or if you're with someone, or just an excuse to talk to you again. Whatever the reason it, it's likely related to wanting you back!

2. They Find Excuses To Contact You

Is your ex texting you about an old t-shirt that you left at their place? Are they calling you to ask when a paper for school is due, when they could easily find that out on their own? If it seems like your ex is making every excuse to contact you, it's probably because they're still into you. If they were over you, they would never worry about speaking to you again. So if they keep calling and texting, consider it a sign.

3. They're Still Talking To Your Family

One of the major signs your ex wants you back is if they're still frequently talking to your family members. Now, if it was a long-term relationship, they may genuinely still care about your family and want to speak to them. However, if they are speaking to them all the time and they were never genuinely friendly with them during the relationship, they could be doing it just to stay close to you.

4. You're Still All Over Their Social Media

This is one of the biggest signs your ex wants you back. If their social media is still covered in pictures of you or the two of you together, it's likely they haven't let go of the relationship. If they were really over you, they would have wiped all evidence of you from their social media. It could be that they don't want to erase you from social media, because they don't want to erase you from their life. If they keep the relationship alive online, it may still be alive in reality.

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