It’s Not Sex That Will Save Your Relationship. So What Will? Find Out Here!

It’s not uncommon to see couples, who are in long-term relationships not having sex in several months for many reasons. Sex, being an important aspect of a committed relationship, a sexless relationship or marriage is a cause of great concern. When sex is good, the relationship is stable. But when the sex isn’t going great, it can end the relationship. Let’s make one thing clear; sex is one of many things that make up a happy and healthy relationship, it’s not the only thing. There has been a recent study that shows that cuddling is more important than sex when it comes to a couple’s long-term happiness and well-being.

So, what’s so compelling about cuddling? Well, cuddling provides many benefits in addition to promoting closeness and feeling secure. It stimulates our olfactory centers and our touch centers. The smell of our partners makes us feel loved, and this loving feeling releases Oxytocin, which is the “feel-good” hormone, that makes us love our partners more. Another important aspect of cuddling that sex doesn’t give is that it provides us with a new form of communication. We can feel the closeness with our significant others without spending energy. Sometimes couples communicate better with each other while holding each other.

It is common to see that couples in long-term relationships don’t have the same amount of love and compassion for each other. One of the reasons is these couples don’t talk and touch each other anymore like before. The sex becomes very infrequent, and when you start to lose the physical connection with your spouse, you also begin to lose the emotional connection, too. You become annoyed, angry, and resentful to your partner. What many couples forget is that the emotional connection is much more important than the sex because it is the emotional aspect of a relationship that will if you will have sex and how frequently you will be having it.

Cuddling and touching are the best approaches in restoring and building the emotional connection in your relationship. When couples let down their guards and touch one another, they begin to feel love and acceptance toward their spouses. If cuddling continues, the feeling of love and connection will get stronger and lead to better communication and sex. Most women complain that men don’t like to cuddle with them and jump to fully fledged sex. But, that isn’t true. It’s been reported that couples, who are in committed relationships, men prefer tenderness more than women. Men find more satisfaction in their relationships when there is more kissing and cuddling, especially as they grow older.

Relationship counselors and therapists talked to couples about the problems in their relationships, and it isn’t the women who are complaining, men are. Men have been saying they are dissatisfied with their relationships because of lack of intimacy. And by the lack of intimacy, these guys are talking about sex. Instead, it is the touching, caressing, and soft talking that they once shared with their girlfriends. So, develop the habit of cuddling with your partner and restore the closeness and intimacy in your relationship.

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