Not Sure If You Need To Bail On Your Relationship?

Sometimes our relationships become so loveless and devoid of passion that we can’t tell if it’s time to stay or leave the relationship. A simple and yet uncomplicated way to tell if a relationship has run its course is by accessing how couple tells his or her story about their significant other. The way happy and unhappy couples tell stories and share their feelings about each other is entirely different. Happy couples lighten up their relationship with positive stories, while it’s the otherwise for unhappy couples. Unhappy couples don’t have any positive or appreciate to talk about their partners; instead, they begin to assume the worst about each other.

If your relationship has all five signs below, maybe it’s time to end your relationship for good.

1. Fondness And Admiration Is Weak
There is a huge difference between couples who last and couples who separate. Couples in happy, healthy relationships have respect, warmth, and affection for each other. Meanwhile, couples who broke up have unfavorable first impressions with their partners. They've no warmth and love for each other, and the whole relationship feels cold.

2. It’s More Of “Me “Than “We.”
There is a sense of “we-ness” when happy couples talk to each other and tell their stories. There is a feeling that reflects they are into this together. They have similar beliefs, values, and goals. This sense of “we-ness” or “togetherness” gets lost when couples tell their stories in a way that emphasizes their sense of individuality, rather than as a couple. All of a sudden, they prioritize their wants and needs and ignore their partner’s needs. When you’re in a relationship, conflicts and arguments are inevitable. But, unhappy couples get gridlocked by these arguments because most of the time they’re focusing on him or her, not themselves.

3. Talking About The Past Feels Impersonal
When you’re in a committed relationship, it’s imperative that you know what makes your girlfriend sad or happy, or what your girlfriend loves or cares about. A couple who is lacking this connection doesn't reminisce their past with humor or vivid memories. They talk about their past that feels very impersonal, and rarely mention anything specific about each other. It seems like they’ve lost the “love map” to each other’s hearts and minds.

4. Struggles In Your Relationship Push You Apart
Couples with a turbulent history are often unhappy. Their stories have nothing that shows them learning from negative experiences. It’s evident that their troublesome past did not strengthen their bond, rather it pushed them apart. Love and life just somehow seemed to come to them. On the other hand, happy couples confidently express their ability in overcoming tough times together. They talk with great pride how their past struggles and hardships have solidified their bond and brought them closer together. Happy couples share a profound meaning together and have a purpose in life, which most unhappy couples don’t have.

5. The Relationship Fails To Meet Your Expectations
Happy couples believe their relationship has met their expectations and describe that their partners were right for them. On the other hand, in unhappy relationships, either one partner expresses disappointment over the fact that the relationship has failed to meet his or her expectations as their partners weren’t right for them.

If you’re in a relationship and the relationship has all the five signs, it is very hard to reverse your relationship to its previous state. At that point, it’s for the best for the partners to let go and walk away.

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