Is Your Online Date Leading To Lasting Love? Here’s How You Can Find Out!

Be honest and tell the truth. Are you hoping for an email or message from that girl you met online while checking your email every time? Do you have butterflies every time you see her emails in your inbox? If yes, then this could be the beginning of something special, or it just could all boil down to a little fling. Luckily, there is a way to tell if your online match is really right for you?

Below are four signs that will tell you whether your online date is leading to a committed relationship:

  1. There's no stop and go.

When you are dating online, you will encounter people who are great at disappearing in the middle of a conversation. These people are like you will be in mid-conversation, and then all of a sudden they go “poof.” They stay out of the grid for two or three weeks and resurface again as if nothing ever happened. If you happen to talk with a potential match, who is very consistent when it comes to communication frequency that means you are in the right direction. At first, it means that you are probably the only person she’s talking to and she’s not emailing or checking out dozens of other guys out there. It also points that she’s serious about getting into a relationship and will maintain communication with you no matter how busy she is with work or something else.

  1. You both want a date at the same time

You and your online match want to meet exactly at the same time. It happened because there was something about that last conversation you had with her, where both of your instincts told you that “it’s time to meet this person.”

  1. You both email each other about the little things

Do you feel the urge to email your online match about every funny or serious thing that you have seen while coming to work or about that funny thing that happened at the grocery store? Do you feel excited to read the similar emails she sends you? If yes, then it’s wonderful. Why? Because in life it’s mostly the small, insignificant and silly that’s most fun and entertaining. So, if your online match is someone who makes the small, insignificant and trivial things fun and enjoyable, and find her perspective on life and humor amusing, it’s highly likely that you met the right girl.

  1. You both believe in the same theory on timing

You and your online partner think that it is a bad idea to be in a new relationship immediately after a breakup. Both of you think that it’s necessary to remain single for three months, six months, or even two years after the demise of a serious relationship. The importance one put on of being alone for some time after ending a serious relationship tells a lot about the other person’s many essential qualities. For instance, it shows how happy they are in their personal life, how satisfied they are with their careers, their hobbies, their social life and so on. An unhappy person will always be desperate and dependent on other for their happiness.

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