Online Dating Advice For Guys – Humor & Adventure Among Your Best Assets

Online dating advice for guysIf you think that a brand new Jaguar or the body of a god will help you become successful with women, you are wrong. In fact, this old concept applies to both men and women. You turn around and look after walking dolls. Your sexual desire probably goes up a bit, but would you like that woman close to you for the rest of your life? Exactly! And the interesting part is that men are also superficial when compared to women.

From this point of view, your car and money are some of the last things a lady will care about, especially if you are interested in a longterm relationship. The best relationship advice you can get is all about focusing on all the other qualities that will make a woman fall in love with you.

You have probably noticed already that superficial people tend to stick to superficial people. Men with fancy cars and plenty of money are unable to draw any quality attention. They end up with girls who share the same values. Their relationships are less likely to be too durable. Whether you want online dating advice for guys or you want to carry this adventure offlline, make sure that you leave these things at last.

No one is saying that beauty and money are irrelevant. They are not. But the general idea is that you should never focus on these things exclusively. They represent less than 10% of what women pay attention to in men. You want to become irresistible and achieve a longterm relationship. In a world where everyone cares about what they look like, there will be more and more good looking men out there. As for money, it comes and goes. However, attractive men need to focus on psychological factors that women react to. These men are no longer so popular today, hence the necessity of some online dating advice for guys.

It is said that making her laugh is one of the keys to her heart. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book of attraction. It is among the best love advice for men. Women loved men who made them laugh a hundred years ago, as well as today. A funny man is one of the most significant aphrodisiacs for an attractive lady. If you figure how to make her laugh, you will get quite far with her.

It is highly recommended to know the difference between a subtle and smart sense of humor and a cheap joke. You do not want to tell her one joke after another, but you do not want to pose in a joker either. Instead, you have to focus on situation humor. You basically show her that you are not putting her on a pedestal, just like you are not affected by whatever happens during the interaction.

Humor makes a great quality when interested in advice for new relationships. It can break the ice and can keep the interaction going. A masculine type of humor is critical because it can help you flirt like a master as well. Looking for online dating advice for guys regarding this type of humor? Just keep it simple, subtle and masculine. Never become childish and never make too much fun of yourself. With these aspects altogether, your humor can turn women crazy.

But laughing is not everything. Women want to feel adventurous and serious too. They require protection and the confidence that they can leave themselves in good hands. In other words, the best dating questions also target the biggest enemies of a relationship. It may sound hard to understand women who require so many things, but all of them do. The only difference is that one need can be more intense in some women. What about the parts they dislike?

Do you know what every woman's enemy is? You are right – boredom. Boredom can work on all plans of a relationship. It occurs in bed, communication, everyday lifestyle, work and so on. Any type of boredom can kill the relationship, so once again, you are supposed to fight on a few different lines to keep her active and entertained. Still not convinced? Ask any woman about boredom, including some of your friends. They will all tell you that they feel like growing old when being bored. Women want to feel young and good looking, so boredom is out of discussion.

Whether you work with women, travel by public transportation or just pay attention to women around you, it is common to hear them mentioning boredom. They are bored and they look gloomy about it. They would do anything to avoid boredom, but they would do even more to avoid boring men. Unless you got something interesting to do, women will avoid you like plague. Your style is an alarm signal if there is no adventure in your life and you are predictable.

A daily routine is already challenging enough for everyone out there – both men and women. The only difference is that women experience this feeling at a deeper level. If you are bored, she is ten times more annoyed than you are. With these aspects in mind, the online dating advice for guys recommends adventure. Attractive women look for adventurous men in the attempt to escape from the daily routine and ordinary patterns.

A successful man knows that. When you approach and interact with an attractive woman, ensure that you can come up with an interesting story that she can tell to her friends when she gets back home. The general conclusion is simple – stand up in the crowd. There are plenty of different ways to do it, but humor and adventure are probably the most efficient ones. You do not even have to try too hard or spend a lot of money. In fact, being funny and adventurous is faster and cheaper than looking like a model and driving an expensive car. A lot of men overlook these small details, so step away from this trend.

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