Online Dating Red Flags: 5 Things to Look Out For On Dating Profiles

Online dating is a tricky thing to navigate. It's become a widely popular way of meeting people in recent years, but many of us still struggle to weed out the bad from the good on dating sites. How do we know who's a good choice and who's someone to avoid? It turns out there are some common red flags on certain dating profiles, and we're going to share five of them with you:

1. Their photos are all with other people.

This is a strange thing that so many people do on their dating profiles. Instead of pictures of themselves, they have pictures of groups of people. They'll have a picture of them with their friends on a night out. They'll have a picture of them with their family on the holidays. Why in the world do they do this? We understand that some people may be trying to convey a certain message – that they like to have fun with friends or that they're family oriented – but it just comes off very weird. It's especially weird if they have a picture with particularly good-looking friends. Are they using their hot friends to get more attention? We're not sure; we just know we don't like it.

2. They claim to be “young at heart”.

So many people use the term “young at heart” on their dating profiles. “I'm 32, but I'm young at heart” is code for “I'm 32, but I live with my parents and watch Disney movies all day.” There's nothing wrong with having a youthful, vibrant attitude. However, this is not what people often mean when claiming to be young at heart. Unless you're looking for someone who is openly juvenile and immature, steer clear of these people.

3. They use cliche quotes or statements.

Can we all do a collective “Ugh.”? Is there anything more annoying than people who put cliche quotes on their dating profiles? If I had a dollar for every woman who put “Live Laugh Love” on their profile, I'd be as rich as a Kardashian. It's not that using a cliche quote on your dating profile is something insidious. It's just that it's really, really annoying. If someone can annoy you just through their dating profile, imagine how annoying they'll be in person.

4. They mention sex.

Sex shouldn't be mentioned on a dating profile. Point blank. That's it. If someone starts talking about what they like sexually on their dating profile, or if their profile is full of innuendos, they obviously have one thing in mind. Now, if all you're looking for is a hook-up, this type of person may be a fine choice. If you're looking to actually date someone, skip this person. Someone who mentions sex on their dating profile is getting right to the bottom line: they're just looking for sex.

5. They go into personal details.

Obviously you want to share information about yourself on your profile, but nothing too personal. Saying where you work or where you went to school is fine. Talking about how your parents divorced when you were six and you're still upset about it? That's TMI. Be very worried about people who go into personal detail on their dating profiles. Online dating is not for airing your dirty laundry. If someone goes into personal details on their dating profile, can you imagine the baggage they're going to unload on you if you go out with them?

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