Online Romance: 4 Common Myths About Online Dating

online dating

With the rise of the internet came the rise of online dating. Online dating is easier than going out and meeting people because it removes the whole, you know, “going out” part. You can stay in the comfort of your own home and swipe through potential love interests, narrowing it down to your top picks. It's kind of like online shopping! While a lot of people are enjoying the benefits of online dating, there are many others who are staying far, far away from it. These people have fed into all the myths about online dating. To quell your fears, let us break down some of those myths and put a rest to them once and for all:

1. It's only for young people.

A lot of people think that online dating is made for millennials, but this is just not the case. Online dating is for people of any age (okay, not under 18, you guys…). In fact, there are entire dating sites dedicated to middle-aged people or senior citizens who are looking to meet someone. Don't fall into the notion that this is just for the youngsters!

2. It's doesn't lead to lasting relationships.

One of the common myths about online dating is that it's just for hook-up's and doesn't produce long-lasting relationships. This is so not true! There are endless couples who met online and have been together for years. (Anyone watch 90 Day Fiance?) Sure, a lot of people use online dating for casual hook-up's Рand there's nothing wrong with that Рbut you can also use it to find your soulmate!

3. You can't trust the people you meet.

This myth needs to be approached carefully. Let us make it explicitly clear that there are dangerous people online. Not everyone is who they claim to be on the internet, so you do need to be careful when meeting someone online. With that said, not everyone is dangerous. Most people are exactly who they claim to be, just a regular person looking to meet someone much like yourself!

4. It's all about looks.

There are many people who steer clear of online dating because they think it's all about looks. After all, potential partners look at your profile picture to determine whether or not they're interested in you. Don't let this deter you, as the reality is that it's not all about looks. While some people may not be into your appearance, there will be tons of others who are. What really matters is how you act, what you say, and the person you are. People will have to give you a chance and get to know you!

online dating

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