Opposites Attract: 3 Differences That Are Good For Relationships

Everyone has heard the phrase “opposites attract,” and in many cases, this is totally true. Sometimes there are benefits to being in a relationship with someone is different from you. Dating someone with different tastes or different interests can be a positive thing, not only for the relationship, but for yourself as a person. We're breaking down three differences that are good for relationships. Check them out below!

1. Different Taste In Music/Movies/Television

One of the best differences that occur in a relationship is different taste in entertainment. Sure, you might argue over what movie to watch from time to time, but this is ultimately a good thing. Dating someone with different taste in music, movies or television exposes you to things you may have never watched or listen to otherwise. For example, your partner may get you to delve into the world of foreign films and you might encourage them to listen to more oldies music. Nothing wrong with that!

2. Different Taste In Food

Having different taste in food may cause a few spats over which restaurant to go to, but we're still going to call this a good difference in a relationship. Dating someone who has different taste in food can make you more cultured and force you to step outside of your usual dietary box. For instance, you may have never tried Thai food prior to dating someone who loves Thai food. Or maybe your partner always hated Italian food until you encouraged them to try a certain Italian restaurant.

3. Different Hobbies

One of the best differences in a relationship is having different hobbies. The main reason for this is that it encourages time apart. Yes, we are advocating time apart from your partner. Many relationships have a tendency to get too clingy and both partners lose their identities in one another. When you have different hobbies, it gives you a reason to step away from your partner for just a little while. For example, you might enjoy fishing while your partner hates the outdoors. You can go fishing with your friends while your partner does something else with their friends. It gives you healthy time apart!

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