Out of Shape And In Love? Here Are The 4 Things You Need To Know!

There are tons of stuff most regular and straight-sized people hardly know about being fat and in love. What if I told you that fat or plus-sized people cannot only be happy, they could also be in healthy, loving relationship with people with different body types? Also, they can have fairytale weddings? Blows your mind, right? Well, it’s true, and it’s happening!

So, here are four things you don’t know about being in love while fat:

1. We All Know You’re Looking
We are all aware that a fat person with his or her partner while strolling down a busy street or in a fashionable part of the city can be really stressful and judgmental. However, it’s not the walking part that is saddening and disrespectful; it’s the shamelessly stare at people that’s well known by fat folks, especially fat women. They think fat people and fat women are animals, say demeaning and judgmental things like, “How do they have sex?”, or “Why the hell is he dating her,” or “She must be his sister,” and so on and so forth.

2. Fat Sex Is Great Sex!
Despite all those obnoxious, nonsense comments you might have heard or read, fat sex is actually great. Whether the action is a big body and a thin body, or two or more fat bodies, fat men and women naturally move to get what they want just normal-sized folks to do. If you’re having an issue moving your body, many devices will help you get to get the perfect orgasm. Apart from the thought that having sex with fat people or fat sex is just a fetish, in reality, it’s more than that. Perhaps you’re really attracted to people with blonde hair, or a tall, svelte body turns you on. Similarly, a voluptuous body with soft, squeezable curves is bound to drive some folks wild.

3. Fat People Can Be Active, Healthy Spouse As Well As Dedicated Parents
In spite of the society harmful and prejudiced disposition against fat people and fat couples, fat people can be active, healthy spouse as well as dedicated parents. Just as every “thin or average-sized” body is unique, each fat body is different too in that same sense. A large-sized person might have assumptions than the average thin person who doesn’t work out is less strong and weaker than him. We can see a lot of amazing, active fat parents out there. Some men and women think that fat women are expecting, their babies will have gestational diabetes or other pregnancy difficulties. But, guess what any person can experience these problems. Why should pregnant fat women or single fat people be blamed for this all the time?

4. You Can't Steal Our Partners
It’s quite common to see that people are swooping in on a fat person’s thin partner. Most people have the notion that a fat person, especially a woman, is just a substitute until someone better and hopefully thin comes along. But, the most disappointing thing is that, alongside the strangers, sometimes, it’s our friends and acquaintances.

The bottom line is dating and relationships aren’t easy for anyone, but, things get easier if you aren’t judgmental to start with. Remember, when it comes to healthy, long-lasting relationship, it’s the emotional intimacy and connections that really matters, rather than physical qualities and attractiveness.

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