Having A Baby

Baby Makes Three: 5 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Having A Baby

So you're having a baby! This is the most exciting time of your life. You are bringing a little human into the world who is half you, half your partner. The two of you are going to love it, raise it and care for it. While this is a wonderful thing and will bring you endless joy, it's also going to bring some scary changes to your relationship. Don't be alarmed; consider this your heads up. We've got five way…[+]
Breaking Up

Impending Doom: 6 Signs Your Relationship is About to End

When a relationship ends, many of us wonder what happened or where we went wrong. We look back and try to think of exactly when the relationship started on its downward spiral. It turns out there are certain signs of a relationship nearing its end. To give you a heads up, we've got six signs that show your relationship is about to end. Read on to check them out: 1. You're flirting with/thinking of other people. If you or your…[+]

Romantically Challenged: 4 Reasons Millennials Can’t Find Love

They are the most talked-about generation that exists. They are the butt of many jokes and have earned some harsh nicknames (cough - snowflakes - cough). Of course we're talking about millennials. While they may have become a punchline in recent years, one could argue that millennials are the most important generation. They are the primary consumers of many products. They are up-and-coming entrepreneurs, inventors, doctors, lawyers, teachers and more. Millennials are the future of this country, so what they're…[+]
High Expectations

Asking Too Much: 5 Signs You Expect Too Much From Your Partner

Relationships are complicated things and we often wonder how we can improve them. One way to improve a relationship is to take a look at your expectations. Are you asking too much of your partner? Do you expect too much from them in the relationship? It's one thing to expect your partner to meet a certain standard. It's another thing to expect them to meet an unattainable standard. We've got five signs that you're asking too much from your partner.…[+]
What Men Think

Reading His Mind: 6 Things Guys Think About But Will Never Say

Wouldn't you just love to know what's on a guy's mind? Women spend so much time obsessing over what their boyfriends or husbands are thinking about. We eventually assume or imagine they're thinking horrible things about us or our relationship. The truth is that guys think about many of the same things we do, they just don't make it known. To help you get inside his head, we've got six things guys think about but will never say: 1. He's…[+]