Young Love: 30 Great Date Ideas For Teens

Going on dates is a huge part of a relationship! The perfect date is a combination of fun and romantic, and can really make or break a potential relationship. While there are seemingly endless options for fun and romantic dates, there aren't so many date options for teenage couples. Teenagers have to worry about certain things like being underage (No bars or clubs!) and making it home in time for curfew (No late-night concerts or romantic getaways!) Teenagers also have…[+]
hilarious pickup lines

Funny and Flirty: 30 Hilarious Pickup Lines

If we're being honest, pickup lines very rarely work on women. They find these things to be cheesy and sometimes offensive. With that said, how else are you going to start a conversation? Pickup lines can be very helpful to people who need an easy way to start talking to a woman, and there are ways to make sure your pickup line doesn't fall flat. You're much more likely to succeed if your pickup line makes her laugh! Check out…[+]

Major Missteps: 4 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

First dates are a serious hit or miss situation. If you make a mistake, you've most likely ruined the chances for another date, let alone a relationship with this person. If you want to make a great impression on a first date, there are some things you definitely should avoid doing. Check out four things you should never do on a first date: 1. Have Sex There's some debate surrounding this, but for the most part, having sex on the…[+]
rom coms

On-Screen Love: The 50 Best Romantic Movies To Watch On A Date Night

Sometimes you just want to have a romantic night in with your partner. An at-home date night usually consists of two things: dinner and a movie! The perfect type of movie to watch on a date night is a romantic movie, but which one do you choose? You've probably already seen most of them over the years, so if you can't figure out which one to watch or which one you haven't seen, check out this list! Some are hilarious…[+]
being single

Better Off Alone: 4 Great Perks Of Being Single

It seems like everyone is always looking to be in a relationship. As soon as someone goes through a breakup, they're ready to move right on to the next relationship. It's almost as if being single is the worst thing in the world! The truth is that there is nothing wrong with going solo for a while. In fact there are some major perks of being single. We're here to tell you that you don't need to be in a…[+]