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Biggest Shark Tank Deal Could Help YOU Make A Fortune In Just One Week?

Rumor has it, there's an unaired episode of Shark Tank in which two college buddies landed the most unbelievable deal! Actually, sources say it may have been the biggest deal in the show's history! Two best friends presented the judges with an innovative Immediate Edge Bitcoin trading program that can generate huge profits at rapid speed. Supposedly, the Sharks were so impressed with it that they got into an intense bidding war with one another! What happened next is shocking... Is…[+]
Immediate Edge BBC Dragons Den Bitcoin Trader Software

History-Making Dragons’ Den Deal Could Make You A Fortune In One Week?

Did two best friends land the biggest deal in Dragons Den history? In an unaired episode of the hit investment show, two young men pitched their automated Bitcoin trading system and it totally blew the Dragons' minds! These two friends created an Immediate Edge cryptocurrency program that can take just about anyone and make them a fortune. All the user has to do is make a small deposit, then sit back and watch as the innovative software turns that deposit into huge…[+]
serial crushers

Are You A Serial Crusher? Find Out What It Means If You Always Have A Crush

Pretty much everyone has had a crush on someone at some point in their life. Actually, most of us have had numerous crushes throughout our lives. While it's totally normal to have a number of crushes throughout your life, when do you become a "serial crusher?" Also, what even is a serial crusher? First things first, a serial crusher is someone who always has a different crush. Serial crushers tend to develop a crush on pretty much anyone who pays…[+]
serial cheating

Is “Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater” Really True?

You've probably heard the phrase, "Once a cheater, always a cheater" at some point, right? Many people believe that someone who cheats in a relationship will continue to cheat, either in that relationship or any future ones. Is this really true, though? It turns out, this old saying may not be totally correct... Sure, there are certain people who are serial cheaters. These people find themselves unable to commit to a relationship physically, mentally, or emotionally. These people are often…[+]
AC Mizal Bitcoin evolution

AC Mizal Is Making Millions With This New Bitcoin Auto Trader Program?

AC Mizal is one of Malaysia's most famous actors, but it's not his acting career that has him in the headlines lately. His fans were totally stunned when they saw reports about his latest investment, a controversial new cryptocurrency program! Sources say that AC has been pouring thousands into a new Bitcoin trading program and he's been getting millions in return! Many fans had no clue what cryptocurrency was and they didn't understand why AC would put so much money…[+]