Is Your Partner Losing Interest In You? Here Are 9 Ways To Improve!

Two people get close for many reasons. These are shared interests, chemistry, emotional connection, physical attraction, and so on. You both have gotten very intimate and closer to each other over time, but suddenly you realize that your boyfriend or girlfriend is losing interest in you. So, what can you do to stop your partner distancing from you?

Here are nine effective ways to improve the relationship if your partner is losing interest in you:

1. Stop being a mind reader. Don’t try to decode every little gesture or act to figure out the level of interest your partner has towards you. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to find out what’s actually going on into a person’s mind.

2. Ask direct questions. Rather than randomly wondering what’s going on with your partner, ask him or her direct questions if you think they are losing interest. Make it clear to your partner you only want honest and genuine answers.

3. Think of the whole situation as a temporary phase. It’s hard to predict a person’s emotions. There is no relationship that’s free from problems. It’s highly likely that your boyfriend or girlfriend is losing interest in the relationship because he or she is confused, and is trying to evaluate his or her feelings regarding the relationship. Keep in mind that it’s impossible to control a person’s feelings. You can influence a person’s feelings and emotions, but you can’t control or change them.

4. Reignite your romance. Most couples complain that they lost their interest in each other because the relationship has predictable and the excitement has fizzled. Try to reinvigorate your relationship, and discover new ways to make the relationship spontaneous and exciting just like the time you’ve both came together for the first time.

5. Don’t overreact. If the boyfriend or girlfriend feels vulnerable because he or she thinks they haven't wanted or desirable anymore, don’t react or get defensive. It’s common to see emotional outbursts at these circumstances, which makes the whole situation worse than ever.

6. Fix a deadline. The uncertainty in your relationships has to end sometime. It can keep on going like this forever. It all depends on you on how long you can tolerate the relationship where your partner keeps on losing the feelings he or she has for you.

7. Give Space. If your partner seems confused or losing interest in the relationship, consider giving your boyfriend or girlfriend some space. Don’t be surprised to see your partner has regained interest in you after some time.

8. Don’t be responsible for the situation. Your partner losing interest in you and the relationship has nothing to do with you. Don’t be responsible for the situation. It’s not your sole responsibility to “repair or fix” the situation. But, don’t be manipulative. There are situations in life where being manipulative can actually destroy the situation instead of helping it. And your boyfriend or girlfriend losing interest in you is one of them. Besides, it won’t resolve anything, so avoid it.

9. Move on. if you partner is losing interest in you, the best possible action to take after exhausting all your options, is to end the relationship and move on. You’re responsible for your happiness. It’s you to decide what best for you and your future.

Relationships aren’t permanent, they evolve. They change over time. If you’re in a relationship or dating someone new, these points will help you to find out if their partner is losing interest in you and deal with them.

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