Is My Partner Lying To Me In The Relationship?

You and your partner know very well that if you both want to enjoy a healthy relationship, you both need to maintain trust in the relationship. If your boyfriend or girlfriend seems suspicious of each other, then it’s high that your relationship is facing some issues regarding faithfulness and fidelity. Or it can be that either has questions about your partner’s financial situation or job or simply it might be that he or she has something to hide in his or her past relationships.

Regardless of what the exact issue is, it feels wrong to suspect that your significant other isn’t fully being honest with you. Therefore if you assume that your fears are real, ask yourself these questions.

Has My Spouse Given Me Any Reason To Doubt Him Or Her In The Past?
If yes, then you’ve every right to be concerned about the relationship. If you see that there is a pattern of dishonesty, instead of getting all defensive and arguing about it, the best and responsible thing to do is to address it in a meaningful way. However, if your spouse has continuously earned your trust in the past, then use your trust to discard these new concerns.

Should I Communicate My Doubts To My Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?
Yes, you should. If not, these questions and fears will consistently keep on nagging you and will hold to connect to your partner in a loving, meaningful and intimate way. After all, it won’t be possible for you to fully emotionally bond with another person and move forward in your relationship, unless you get rid of all shortcomings about that person’s honesty. So, you’ll need to encourage the other person to fully explain him or her to you, find out the truth and put all of fears and insecurities to rest.

Am I Ready to Forgive My Boyfriend Or Girlfriend, and Move Forward?
Of course, there are some trusts that if they’ve been breached that you can’t and shouldn’t move past them. They’ll eventually kill your relationship, even the healthiest ones. On the other hand, there are circumstances that in spite of a tough moment between two lovers, it strengthens the romantic relationship. Having to deal with significant problems in the relationship can bring the couple closer, deepen their understanding of each other, and help them redefine the exact definition of a romantic relationship.

What Kinds Of Changes Are Imperative To Make?
If you’ve determined that you’ll stay with your partner despite everything, then it highly crucial that you communicate your wants, needs, and expectations. Discuss what changes should be made in the relationship. Be clear to your partner that you want things to you and in the relationship be based trust, integrity, and honesty. Meanwhile, if you’ve reached an understanding that there were no breaches of trust and that the whole thing was a misunderstanding, and then you can use this experience in improving the communication and trust between the two of you. The thing is when you’re in a relationship; you should both commit protecting each other and to prioritizing the relationship regardless of what has or hasn’t occurred.

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