Why People Lie On Dates? Here Are Some Sad Yet True Reasons

To enjoy a healthy relationship, a couple needs to honest, faithful and maintain trust in the relationship. If you and your girlfriend are having a hard time trusting each other, it’s certain that your relationship is facing some problems. Let’s face it, people lie on their dates and in their relationships, and they think it is okay. Most of us are familiar with lying on relationships. But, lying destroys the trust in the relationship.

There may be incidents where don’t want to go out with your girlfriend so that you can watch Netflix all day. You also start to think that you’ve been dating her for a while, so you assume that nothing will happen when you tell her that you don’t feel good so that you can skip going on a date with her. Sounds familiar, right?  What you don’t understand here is that you can easily call her and be honest about it. After all, honesty is the best policy, and when you’re in a serious relationship, it’s more important than ever.

The interesting part is that we make excuses, tell lies, date people for the wrong reasons and simply aren’t honest with our partners about our lying because nobody wants to get rejected.  Sometimes, we wonder whether we want to remain confused rather being truthful.

So, why do we tell lies to our lovers despite the fact it can have severe consequences on our relationships? Here are the top reasons why men and women tell lies on dates, particularly while dating casually.

  1. We hate confrontation and conflicts, so we avoid rejecting someone in person. As a result, the other person remains confused.
  1. Sometimes, we are simply selfish. We want what we want from our boyfriends or girlfriends without caring about the other person’s wants and needs. Our selfish nature also tells us to keep our lovers around to meet our conditions.
  1. At times, hopelessness grips hold of us pretty badly when we are single. So, we stick around by telling lies and excuses, so we don’t have to be alone.
  1. Sometimes, when we are dating or in a relationship, we don’t know what we really want or need. So, we pretend that we love our partners more than we do.
  1. Almost everyone who is dating or in a committed relationship or even married, tell lies. So, it’s justifiable.
  1. Some men and women don’t know how to let someone down or decline their request courteously. So, they lie.
  1. Our friends and coworkers give us bad relationship advice. We know they don’t know any better, but we still lie anyway.
  1. When it comes to dating, we excel at lying. So, we have no issues or even any regrets while doing it.
  1. We don’t like to listen to relationship advice or want to be told that we can work it out. So, we lie.
  1. Some of us weren’t raised well, taught to behave appropriately, or we’re not nice and simply don’t care what others think. So, we keep lying.
  1. When you’re in a relationship for a long time, sometimes telling lies is much easier and convenient. Because telling the truth might result in serious conflicts and arguments. So, we can’t help but lie to our partners.

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