Why Do People Make Bad Decisions When They Are In Love?

Don’t get “Drunk in love.” If you lose yourself when you fall in love, it can ruin your life. So, remember not to let love run your life. When we fall in love with someone we like suddenly everything feels different, better, and alive. We keep thinking about our partners all the time, we always want to be with our partners, and everything around us feels trivial and less important,  even the important things. We forget about the reality; we feel happier, more exhilarated, or more of ourselves. We are in love.

When we fall in love with our partners, we trust them more than anything else. We let us go or ourselves, and we keep on falling. The falling is so thrilling and intoxicating that we don’t want to stand back up. And it is at this stage we will find ourselves ignoring or forgetting the habits and acts that we know are good for us. Biologically by design, nothing feels as meaningful or fulfilling as our spouses.

According to a study by Helen Fisher and Lucy Brown, if people discard all of their goals and interests, biologically it becomes easy for us to bond and be intimate with our partners strongly. By sticking with our partners firmly, we can produce and raise offspring. Well, that’s what science tells us. If we take anthropology into consideration, sex and producing children is the most important thing we should be doing to ensure the survival and continuation of our species. This survival instinct of humans is so important when it comes to love that our brain allows us to set aside or forget almost all other obligations, responsibilities, needs and wants just long enough to let this happen.

Being attached to this intoxicating vibe of new love will take us to new and beautiful places. But, it will also make us care less about taking care of ourselves and other duties and responsibilities that are necessary to our happiness and well-being. But, we still put aside these things, and things don’t turn out as we expected. When we avoid important aspects of our life, we begin to feel resentful, angry, unsettled, and irritated. We become frustrated and resentful of our responsibilities. We become angry when we see that it can’t be shared or ignored indefinitely, which we wished we could. We also become anxious about how can we fulfill the wants and needs of our partners and the relationship as a whole against our own personal ones. It feels incredibly amazing to be cared for, to be loved and to be desired, but it can be difficult to take care and love ourselves.

Love can do this to us. Love tricks us into thinking we have been responsible enough for our health and well-being. But, what love doesn’t tell us that without being responsible for our health and wellness, our love and relationships will suffer. So, don’t give yourself into these kinds of thoughts. No one knows you better than yourself, and you know where your life is getting out of balance, and you know best what you need to do. It can be paying your bills, doing your laundry, eating healthily or making the time to visit a family member or a friend whom you have ignored for too long. Balance should be your goal in transforming romantic love into lasting love, which will give us the relationship we always wanted.

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