Do All Pick Up Artists Get Laid At Their Will And Have A Complete Success Over Women

Before moving to more severe explanations, let’s just explain what a pick up artist is. He is an alpha male, capable of getting the attention of any woman and benefit from that. He approaches anywhere and anytime he wants. There are no rules and there are no sad faces. In essence, a pick up artist is a man who always has a girl or two on his leash. Even then, he is constantly looking for new ‘’victims’’. Why? Because he can and he isn’t afraid of that.

Do all pick up artists get laid at their will? The answer is yes and no, due to different reasons. First of all, some women cannot be won, not because a pick up artist isn’t capable of impressing them, but because they have a reason that prevents them from dating. Maybe she is a lesbian, or thinks to become one, maybe she just ended a long relationship so she isn’t interested in dating or etc. The bottom line is that there are a lot of unknown and unforeseen facts, therefore a 100% success is an illusion.

On the other side, we have a man who is capable of approaching to several women per day and trying to get something from them, without fear. Statistically, he has far higher chances to get laid than a man who approaches women once per month. We already said that they probably have a few women at their disposal, so when they want sex, all they need is to call one of them (in some cases even two are possible). So, it is yes, pick up artists can have sex at their will.

However, answering to the do all pick up artists get laid at their will question is even more complicated. Pick up artists own some specific benefits that allow them to lead a lifestyle as it is. There are also several reasons why they are so successful in getting regular sex. If you are not a pick up artist, you can learn from them and try to become one.

Reasons, why pick up artists, are successful in getting laid

We already have answered to the do all pick up artists get laid at their will but there are a lot more things you should know and we should explain. The actual power of pick up artists is in the attitude and their beliefs. Thanks to them, they are extremely successful in getting laid.

  1. Don’t expect, react

This is the first reason and the main rule, most pick up artists use. Ordinary men are something like ‘’what if I fail, what will happen’’ and etc. Pick up artists don’t expect to fail nor do they expect something more from that woman. They just want to approach and to try winning her over. They want sex and it is the main motivation for them. Simple as that! Most of them claim that if you don’t expect anything, good things will happen.

  1. They are confident

The first thing to remember before approaching a girl is that you must have confidence. More is better and guarantees you more success. Women like men who are strong and have their character. Confidence is usually the first sign of that, so they are attracted to them easily. Women don’t want to have sex with men who don’t have confidence. They treat that as weakness and it is in their nature to avoid men like that.

Confidence will have countless benefits on your lifestyle, besides on your sex life, so it is a wise decision to try to improve it and develop it.

  1. They try and try harder

How many times you waited to approach a girl and she left? Probably every time you go out. Pick up artists don’t wait, they react. They will approach a girl as soon as they see her and they will want to have sex with her on that very night. They are not concerned what that girl will say, nor how she will react. Even statistically speaking, this is the most important way for having more sex.

  1. Have fun

All pick up artists are alpha males. They do what they want, and they want to have fun. If you use the same tactics, you will draw attention, which is recommended and can guarantee you more success.

  1. Immune to the rejection

There are a lot of secrets, pick up artists have shared and just one of them is to be immune to rejection. It is probably the most important one and it is something that can make a difference. We are not talking about chances when you can be rejected, we are talking about rejection not having an effect on you. You are rejected, so what, move forward.

  1. Pick up artists, listen to women

Women tend to be talkers (obviously) and they can talk for hours. One reason why all pick up artists are more successful than other men is the fact they listen. Of course, most of them just pretend, but women believe in that, so they think ‘’that guy is special.’’ Using these tactics is more than just recommended and it even has benefits later in a relationship. After all, women like and want men to remember something regarding them that happened a while back. The tip you can use is to write it down, just in case.

The final thought

Do all pick up artists get laid at their will? Yes, sex isn’t a problem for them and they have it every day.  A good thing is that you can be one of them, all you need to implement all the reasons we mentioned here. Keep in mind that they are easy to use and you can use them. They have a huge effect on the sex life and the ordinary life, therefore they are more than just useful. Still, more sex than ever cannot do any harm.

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