Playing It Safe: 7 Rules to Follow So You Stay Safe On A Date

First Dates

Every aspect of dating is hard, but one thing that people often ignore is how unsafe dating can be. Many people go out on dates with someone they just met, or maybe even found online through something like Tinder. While this is perfectly okay and common to do, it's not always safe. This person is a stranger to you, and you never know what their intentions are. You shouldn't be afraid to go on dates, but you should be conscious of your safety. We've got seven rules to follow if you want to stay safe on a date. Check them out below:

1. Let Someone Know Where You'll Be

Before going on a date with someone new, let a friend or family member know where you're going to be. This way, if you don't make it home after a while, they'll know where to look for you.

2. Drive Yourself There

Providing your own transportation is an important way to stay safe on a date. It eliminates the need for you to get into your date's car. You want to follow the advice your parent's gave you as a child: never get in a car with a stranger!

3. Meet In A Public Place

If you really want to stay safe on a date, you should meet in a public place. It's less likely that your date will harm you in a public setting with tons of people around. If you go to a secluded place, or their home, it increases the risk of danger.

4. Don't Leave Food or Drinks Unattended

Remember that you do not know this person. You shouldn't trust them around any food or drinks in case they tamper with them. There have been way too many instances of people being drugged by a date slipping something into their drink when they weren't watching.

5. Go On A Group Date

Since this person is still a stranger to you, you may want to keep the first few dates group dates until you get to know them better. Bring some friends and invite them to bring some friends of their own. This makes it safer for you to get to know them before you go out alone.

6. Bring Protection

We're not talking about condoms here (although you should bring those as well). You may want to bring something small to protect yourself in case you end up in a situation where you feel unsafe. This may be a small can of mace or a sharp keychain.

7. Do Your Research

Before going out with someone you just met, do your research. Find them on social media. Look into their posts. See what their friends and family say about them. If you see anything that makes you uncomfortable, you should probably cancel the date.

First Dates

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