Practice Kindness To Enjoy Great Sex With Your Girlfriend

Sex is an integral part of a romantic relationship. If a couple can’t have a satisfying sexual experience with each other, the relationship or marriage is destined to have problems. During the initial phase of dating, you feel intense passion and magnetism in your relationship. You feel excited and look forward to having amazing sex that will last a lifetime.

But that’s not always how things happen. If you have been in a relationship or married for a while, the passion will cool down. There will be some stagnation in the romance, and this can make you feel a little panicked. You start to wonder if there’s anything  wrong with you or your girlfriend or whether the sexual chemistry has fizzled.  But don’t worry. You can restore the sexual intimacy back into your relationship and enjoy having great sex with your partner by practicing kindness.

Whenever you hear or read the words, “kind,” what type of sensations or emotions get invoked within you? For most men and women there is some slowing down, we feel at ease and can feel the softening of our muscles. Practicing kindness comes easily and naturally to some folks around us. But, unfortunately, showing kindness becomes challenging when it comes to our long-term romantic partners. If we notice that our lovers are failing to meet our wants and needs, we automatically become angry or resentful towards them. Sometimes, we hide our anger or disappointment, or we just remain neutral.

However, if you consciously practice being kind towards your significant other, the atmosphere between you and your girlfriend gets readjusted, and your relationship goes from a neutral or negative to positive.

Let’s make one thing clear, we need love and affection, and we crave kindness just as much as we crave food, water, and clean air. None of us can be in the mood for sex if we are hungry, extremely thirsty or short of breath. Of course not! It’s just not possible. For you to enjoy great sex with your partner, you need to meet those needs first. It’s similar with kindness. We need kindness, and when we get it, we are more likely to be in a position to give as well as receive pleasure from our spouse. Also, our nervous system is ready for sex when we take things slow. If you want to have better sex, then relax and be kind to women. This will not only bring out the desire for women but for guys as well. Kindness makes even the most basic instances of touching incredibly sensuous and can even turn something that’s very normal into something very “hot.”

Kindness can shift the atmosphere between you and your girlfriend, bringing more depth and emotional feelings into the relationship. It’s just like that. We feel energized and active when we aren’t hungry and thirsty anymore. When our desire for kindness is met, we feel more ready and capable in making our partners more sexually satisfied. Kindness allows our nervous system to slow down and all that “loving, caring touch,” eventually leads to more sensuality and more eroticism in the relationship.

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