Have You Prepared To Date a High-Maintenance Man?

For ages, the term high-maintenance personality was only restricted only to women. But the truth should be told no matter what. There are hundreds of thousands of high-maintenance men out there in the world, and we can safely bet you’ve encountered one or two in your dating life.

So, in what ways men are high-maintenance? Below are a few explanations:

A few years ago, people would scoff and give weird stares at a man who walked into a nail salon to get a pedicure. However, these days, most accept the fact men should be allowed to take of themselves and their bodies, faces, and feet just as women have been doing for years. It’s totally normal for you to take care of your body and to keep it in good, clean, groomed and in tip-top shape. But, some men get overwhelmed and obsessive when it comes to their physical appearance, and this can annoy the person they’re dating.

Cleanliness Or Organization
Another kind of high-maintenance man would be his fussiness to require an extremely high level of cleanliness, neatness, organization and personal hygiene. Most people don’t make a lot of fuss regarding tidiness or organization in their lives, but by stray clothing on the floor, leaving the dish in the sink, or storing or placing something in the wrong place, can be a big deal for a high-maintenance man.

While these petty things may go unnoticed for most guys, but for guys who are high-maintenance can seriously annoy or disappoint the person they’re dating or in a relationship with. If you happen to be dating a man like this one, you end up asking questions like, “Why is he so rigid? Why just he can’t let it go? Why do they care so much?” and so on and so forth.

Overly Sensitive And Emotional
Guys who are high-maintenance are too sensitive, emotional and don’t easily get over their feelings or bad moods. While dealing with negative emotions they can’t handle, they’ll sulk, pout, or shut you down when you offer them any help. This indicates that they have a fragile ego. If you happen to be dating this type of men, when they’re sad or feel frustrated, they’ll tell you all about it, and intend to bring you down at their level with them.

When they’re having an emotionally bad time, you can clearly see it through. They walk into a room, and you can immediately tell that their mood is off. Men who are high-maintenance in the emotional department have fragile egos which can be bruised very easily. They think everyone is deceitful; they misperceive others and often end up disrespecting or dismissing them.

The Bottom Line
So are you prepared to date a high-maintenance man in one way or another? When it comes to dating someone who has a high maintenance personality, it doesn’t matter how much you’re attracted to someone, or how many shared interests you share with them. The main thing you need to look out for is to access how much their high-maintenance issues might annoy and cause deep resentment in your relationship over the years.

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