Proven Tips On How To Get A Girl To Sleep With You

Every single normal male must have once asked the question, how to get a girl to sleep with you to himself or to some other people in his life. It is not that difficult as the question may seem. Many people are capable of doing and achieving this thing as many times as they want in their whole life. So, if you want to know how to get a girl to sleep with you, you can simply consider following points:

  • Build your trust: Trust is an important pillar when it comes to having more than just a relationship with your girlfriend. If you want to sleep with your girlfriend then make her feel the trust and bonding that a couple has when they are in a live-in relationship with each other. You must make her feel dependable and reliable when you want to sleep with her. Don’t be late whenever you promised to meet her at someplace. Also, don’t be a liar as this will make her feel less dependable on you. You must allow her to share her problems with you. This will make her feel better that there is someone who actually cares for her.
  • Let her take time: Many of the guys instantly want to sleep with their girl. For a girl it is not always that easy to sleep with a guy. Some girls take their time to open up. Some take a month, some take few months or even longer to accept that they are now ready to sleep with you. So, you must not rush towards sleeping with your girlfriend. Give her some time that she wants and wait for the perfect time when she offers herself to you. Always wait for the girl so that she can make sure that she is hooked up with the right person.
  • Be loyal: Always be loyal towards your girlfriend. This will make you more trustable as a person. Women do share their personal things and feelings with the person whom they trust. You must not checkout or do flirting with some other woman as this will make her think that you are a person who just wants to sleep with any woman available. Instead you can spend more time with your girlfriend to gain more loyalty and trust factor. You can show your loyalty and trust in many different aspects of her life by supporting her in any way possible.
  • Treat her well: If you want to sleep with your girlfriend try to treat her respectfully as a lady. You must not treat her like you just want to sleep with her at any cost. Always compliment her so that she could know how much you like her as a person and as a dear friend. You should also compliment her on her looks and intelligence. Don’t try to do anything fancy when you go out on a date with her. She is expecting you to behave properly and likes to see you in your normal state. So, don’t try to do something different or act differently in front of her.
  • Hygiene: You must maintain a proper hygiene in your living area as well as with yourself. You must shower daily and wear clean washed clothes so that your sweat may not stink and look clean and fresh. You should also make your bed and living area clean so that she may not feel hesitant while paying you a surprise visit at your living place. Also, dirty surroundings and stinking bed can change her love making mood set off very quickly. Try to keep your bed clean and spray some fragrance all over it so that the fragrance can swing your girlfriend mood back into love making mood.
  • Interest: There is a chance that your girlfriend might be thinking that you don’t care about her as person. All you care about is her attractive body at which you are overly obsessed. Make her feel wrong that you actually do care about her as a person rather than always focused on her feminine body parts. You can also show your interest in her by asking about her childhood, her hobbies, her interests, and on many other interesting topics. Always make proper eye contact with her whenever you are talking to her as this will make her more confident and comfortable in sharing her thoughts with you. Her interests can be your key points in how to get a girl to sleep with you.
  • Romantic dates:  It is proven that romantic dates are the best thing that you can do to sleep with your girlfriend. All you need to do is take your girlfriend to a romantic dinner or lunch. You can make her feel really special by asking her to go out with you. You need to also dress up well for the occasion.  Select a romantic location for your dinner and few drinks to spice up the dinner treat. You need not to do something different in order to impress her. All she needs is that you must behave properly with her and make her feel the most special person in your life.
  • Don’t put pressure: Women know that every man wants to make love with them. So, don’t put her in any kind of pressuring situation that she may not feel comfortable with. Always respect her decision if she is not ready to make love with you. Give her the time that she wants. Just don’t pressure her to make love with you. Try to escape from these arguments related to love making as these arguments will not make you or her feel better anymore.
  • Respect her wishes: this is another important tip or answer to the question, how to get a girl to sleep with you. You should always respect her wishes and needs. If she doesn’t want to make love with you, respect her decision and wait for the right time to come when she will be ready.

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