Psycho Magnet: 5 Traits That Attract Crazy People To You

Do you find that you're attracting all the wrong people? Do you always wind up in relationships with people who, for lack of a better word, are totally insane? It could be that you have the worst luck in the world, or it could be that you have one of the five traits that attract crazy people. Check them out here:

1. Excessive Empathy

While empathy is definitely a positive trait, being too empathetic can put you in a vulnerable situation. Having excessive empathy can make you feel like your partner's inappropriate behavior may be justified. You may even feel like you deserve however they are treating you. This is being far too understanding and empathetic.

2. Codependency

People who are codependent are far more likely to end up in relationships with crazy people. This is because codependent people tend to be more anxious to be in a relationship, so they will accept whichever partner shows them a lot of attention. This often means settling for someone who behaves inappropriately.

3. Extroversion

Extroverts are fun, outgoing and lively. Everyone loves to be around an extrovert, and for this reason, they can attract the wrong people. Most extroverts will talk to anyone and everyone, which means they are likely to get tangled up with someone who is bad for them. It's totally okay to be an extrovert; you just need to be cautious of who you engage with.

4. Introversion

While extroversion is one of the traits that attract crazy people, so I introversion. This is because introverts often appear to be easy targets. They like to keep to themselves, which the wrong people will try to use to their advantage.

5. Insecurity

People who appear insecure or give off an aura of insecurity will often attract crazy people into their lives. Being insecure conveys weakness and being easy to manipulate. The wrong people will pick up on these feelings and know that they can take advantage of this person.

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