The Psychology Behind How To Get A Girl To Like You

Apart from traditional stereotypes, women, after all, aren’t that complicated. Things become surprisingly simple if you know the psychology behind it. The psychology of attracting women has long been said to be something difficult, if not impossible to decode. Ladies, sooner or later, change their minds frequently. This is easily noticeable as they say one thing one minute and then something different after a while. Most men treat women like enigmas. We feel perplexed by their actions.

Nonetheless, the psychology of attracting women is rather simple. And there is two simple things you need to do: A) How to get inside their heads; B) Pay attention.

The Thought Process of Women
The way women think is different from men is because many of their actions are driven by their innate desire never to get or be hurt. This way of thinking, sometimes, causes them to act or behave irrationally or make assumptions that might seem unfair to many. But, unfortunately, this is part of the dating game. Nevertheless, the primary psychology of attracting girls isn’t complicated as we have been all our lives. The reason is that women aren't as complicated as previously conceived. And that’s the truth. When you get to know women at a deeper level, you will see most women want the same five simple things. These are:

    1. 1. Women want adventure.


    1. 2. Women want respect.


    1. 3. Women want commitment.


    1. 4. Women want the freedom of choice – this includes they want to make their choices like watching a movie they like or career options.


    5. Women want to be equals — they want to be partners, not parents.

Two Things That Are Unattractive To Women
If you want to understand the psychology of attracting women, you should know what doesn’t attract them. This step is mostly important on your first date. If your first date sucks, it’s highly likely that you won’t have the second date. Also, most first dates fail because guys are oblivious that three things which they think are attractive are big turnoffs for most young and mature women. So, the next you’re on a date, stay away from them:

We understand you want to impress your date, but if you overly brag to a woman, she will think that you’re either arrogant or insecure. Both are a major turnoff for the ladies. But, that doesn’t mean you can't tell your date that you were a valedictorian or that you've been the employee of the month for six months straight.

Being High and Mighty and sexist: You may be rich, talented, and successful, but this doesn't give the right to treat others like somehow they’re beneath you. They aren’t beneath you. You date will surely pay attention to how you treat the waiters when you take her for a dinner date. If you are rude to them or leave a crappy tip, remember your date will notice it. And that’s not a good sign. Another thing that offends a lot of women is when they find that the man they’re dating is sexist. So, if you want to be attracted to a woman, don’t be a true chauvinist.

Confidence Is Key
While looking for a partner, the last thing you need to know about the psychology of attracting women is confidence. Confidence is the key to make or break a relationship. The reason for this is because women want a guy who isn't afraid to take control and make important decisions in the relationship.

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