Pure Nitro Max Review: Will It Help You Build Lean Muscle?

As men age they begin to lose muscle mass and gain weight. Getting into the shape they were once in is harder than ever. This is due to low testosterone levels that occur with age. Declining testosterone is responsible for the loss of muscle mass, weight gain, decreased libido and low energy that older men experience. Is there anything that can be done to boost testosterone levels and start building muscle again? Some men opt for hormone injections, but those are expensive and only give temporary results. The best way to beat low testosterone and start building muscle is by using a testosterone enhancer. These male enhancement supplements are safe, inexpensive and effective.

What is Pure Nitro Max?

Pure Nitro Max is a male enhancement supplement that promises to make building muscle easier. It claims to reduce weight gain, improve libido and increase energy.


  • Encourages muscle growth
  • Reduces weight gain
  • Improves sex life
  • Increases libido
  • Boosts energy and stamina

How Does It Work

Pure Nitro Max uses all-natural ingredients to stimulate and encourage muscle growth by increasing blood flow to the vessels in your muscles. These ingredients also improve your sex life by increasing libido and stamina. They also boost your energy, helping you to workout longer, resulting in more muscle growth and fat reduction.


  • Nitric Oxide: Increases circulation
  • A-KIC: Strengthens muscles
  • Protein Blend: Boosts energy
  • Amino Acids: Increase nutrient absorption

How to Use Pure Nitro Max

There is little to no information online about the dosage of Pure Nitro Max. We only found that it comes in capsule form and should be taken with a glass of water and a full meal. Customer reviews do warn of side effects with Pure Nitro Max, such as headaches and heart palpitations.

Should You Try It

Pure Nitro Max promises to offer a lot of benefits, including the ability to build muscle quickly. With that said, there are several downsides to this supplement. The first is that it is not marketed as a testosterone booster. There are many other products on the market that deliver the same benefits while also boosting testosterone levels. This product may be better suited for younger men who are not having issues with declining testosterone, but still want to build more muscle mass. Another downside is that there is no information online about the recommended dosage for Pure Nitro Max. This makes it difficult for customers to see if they are interested in trying the product. If the dosage is several capsules per day, for instance, many people may not be interested in it. The final, most significant downside is that Pure Nitro Max comes with side effects. Customers reported headaches, heart palpitations and nausea among other things.

How to Get Pure Nitro Max

Pure Nitro Max is available online through its manufacturer's website. They are currently offering a free trial to first time users. For 14 days you can try the product completely free of charge. To take advantage of this offer, visit the website and submit a shipping address. You'll have to pay the minimal cost of shipping and handling to receive your free trial offer.

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