What Quality of Men Found So Irresistible to Women?

Guys, if you really want to get lucky with the ladies here’s a short list of things that you’ll need to accomplish:

• Become the best version of yourself.
• Find a sense of purpose in your life and be content, happy and fulfilled regardless if you’re single or in a relationship.
• And finally, try to understand what women find genuinely attractive in men, it doesn’t matter how old, rich or good-looking they are.

Doesn’t sound very hard, right? What women really want in a man, but won't say directly is that they want you to make them the second most important person in your life. What does this mean? You see, high-value women prefer high-value men. But, they’ll have a relationship with a guy who isn’t an “alpha male” in any way, and they’ll end up feeling bored, stuck and suffocated. So, they’ll eventually end the relationship and move on. If a man is giving most of his attention, energy and time to a woman, she’ll soon come to her senses that something is not right. She won’t be able to tell it all the time, but sometimes she’ll get bored or have a sensation that will make her think that something doesn’t feel okay here.

So, What Isn't Right?
So, what makes a man “an alpha man,” or “a masculine man” or “a high-value man”? Most of us will list the qualities such as integrity, honesty, kindness, trust, respect, courage, and confidence. But, these aren't the characteristics most high-value women or any other women are looking for. What the ladies want to see in a man is someone with a mission or a purpose. You may have heard it already, but the reality. Women want their partners to be their heroes. This is what high-value women really want. This is the essence of what high-value women really want in men. A man who has a mission in life and trying to achieve it by any means is incredibly sexy and attractive.

Men with a purpose in life will have women to look, admire, respect and desire him. Men with goals to accomplish are often accompanied by women, who believe in them more than everybody else, regardless what their mission really is. Sure, status can change; a man might lose his wealth, energy, and even lose his health. However, if a man is true to his mission, he’ll never lose his passion for it. Instead, he’ll find a new way to pursue his missions and contribute to the world.

In no way are we suggesting that a man should neglect or pay less attention to his partner. High-value men will always make their romantic relationships a priority. But, what ultimately brings the best of a man is by having a mission. You don’t need to go to a battlefield or conquer a new country to make you feel loved, respected and desired by women. The size or the significance of the deed or the mission isn’t what will make women feel attracted to you; instead, it’s the heart and depth of the devotion to it. So, the next time you’re looking for women has a profound and a clear sense of purpose in your life and what you really want to achieve in the relationship.

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