If You Question Yourself Whether Someone Is Into You Or Not, You Have Your Answer

If you are interested in someone, most of the time it’s pretty obvious. No matter what situation you are in, your mind always back and forth to her, and you go absolutely nuts about that person. You find it difficult to sleep because you are excited to see this person. You can’t easily focus on your work because you are always thinking about her. The butterflies in your stomach don’t seem to away, and you get butterflies again when you're with her. If this is happening to you, sometimes you start to wonder whether the girl you seem to be so in love has the same feelings for you.

Unfortunately, deep down inside if you happen to ask this question, whether the woman you love is into you or not, you already got your answer. Below are three probable answers for your question:

  1. If you doubt whether your girlfriend wants to text you or not, they probably don't

If someone likes you and wants to talk to you, not only they will hit you, again and again, they will do their best to keep the conversation going. They won’t be afraid or hesitate to text you, send GIFs, send emoticons, etc. You will see that their text messages or emails make you feel happy and excited. If you and your partner are into each other, the conversation will flow both ways. You don’t always have to be someone who will initiate a conversation. If you are the one starting all the conversation, the exchange will become one-sided, and eventually, you will get tired and feel pretty silly. So, make sure, that the woman you are dating isn’t playing you. And if you see that she isn’t doing her part in the relationship, then it’s time to say goodbye to her, and look for someone new.

  1. If you doubt whether your girlfriend wants to spend time with you or not, they probably don't

If you see yourself who is always asking her to make some for you or spend time with you, that should be a red flag in the relationship. If a girl you are seeing is head over heels for you, she will do everything possible to see you and to spend some alone and intimate time with you. They won’t tell you they won't be able to spend time with you because they are working late, or ask you to reschedule your dinner date by telling you some lousy excuse. A woman who really loves and cares about you will prioritize you and will be respectful of your time.

  1. If you doubt whether your girlfriend wants to be your significant other or not, they probably don't

If you love someone deeply, you don’t have to force anything or do anything to make your significant other to feel. When love is mutual, it will flow smoothly and steadily. It’s evident and clear to understand, express and feel.  If you are experiencing an unsettling feeling about your girlfriend’s true intentions and feelings towards you, that’s your mind or your instincts speaking, and it’s trying to save your heart. If the woman you are interested at really wants to be with you, they will be. There won’t be any second thoughts or second-guessing of feelings.

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