Questions All Ladies Should Ask When Dating a Man

Thinking of asking some questions to your date? It is fine if you do it, but remember to come across as comfortable, sincere, and relaxed, but also an intelligent person who has all her shit together. You don’t want to approach your boyfriend in an intimidating and condescending way. When dating, most of us tend to only think or obsess about how our partners will perceive us. Dating is hard when you're serious about finding a person committed to a long-term relationship. But, the key to success here stop over thinking about who you are and what you do and focus on how you feel about him.

So, here are four questions ask yourself when dating a man for the first time:

Question #1: How Do I Feel When He’s With Me?
When dating your man do you feel respected and honored? Does he do all the talking? Does he make an effort to hear you out? Does he ask you interesting follow-up questions? Does the conversation flow freely? While talking with your date does it feel like you’re talking to a good friend? Do you think that he brings out the best parts of your personality? After a few dates, think if you see a better version of yourself around him. Now, date him for a few more weeks, think if you can trust yourself when he’s with you. Ask yourself if you’re doing things that you normally won’t do, but do it anyway because you want him to like you. These behaviors may become more apparent if you’re betraying your true self simply for the intention to impress your date.

Question #2: Do His Behaviors Reflect His Character?
This issue will give an insight about his trustworthiness. Does he do exactly what he says he is going to do? Is he dependable? Dependability and reliability are intricately related to each other. Being fun, daring and spontaneous is great sometimes, but if you’re seeking for a serious relationship, you need to date someone who is dependable and who can support you when you need him. Now, that we mentioned that, it's time you ask yourself these questions. Does he call or texts when he says he will? How does he act around strangers? How does he treat restaurant staff, janitors, or service people? Is he respectful and polite to them? These are important interactions to observe because if you want to be in a relationship with a man who is loving and caring you need a partner who cares about others besides himself; these are important interactions to observe.

Question #3: What About His Other Relationships?
Ask yourself if your boyfriend has close relationships with his family and friends? Is he able to engage in conversation with your family and friends? If he can’t do you think he’s introverted? Or is he just being rude? If he’s shy, then his introversion can be worked on as he becomes more familiar with your family and friends while interacting with them more often.

Question #4: How Does He Resolve Conflicts?
If you’re dating someone, there will conflict or disagreements in your relationship. When dating a man see how does he handle arguments or disagreements with you? What about other people? Does he gives you the silent treatment or just disappears? Does he withhold things until he explodes? Does he listens and acknowledges your perspective without blaming you? It’s important that you communicate about unmet needs or expectations with your partner if you want to build a strong foundation for your relationship.

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