Quick Checklist on How to Be a Bad Boy

There's always that guy at the bar that seems to be getting all the women. He's arrogant, rude and marches to the beat of his own drum. But still, women flock to him. This is when you, the decent guy, start wondering how is it possible that many of the sensible and responsible women are attracted to this type of “bad boys”? What do they see in these rebels?

Well, your waiting is over now. Here are eight tips which will enable you to get a little bit of a bad boy characteristics.

Be Uncompromising

Yes, yes, we all know the saying that in order to have a happy life with your better-half you have to reach a compromise with her opinions and beliefs. But this is not the case. If you want to be a bad boy, then trust us! You will be extra attractive to any woman you get in contact to, if you have a decisive opinion on everything. Put your bossy mask on and decide where you would like to dine on a Saturday afternoon and what you want to do in the weekend. Be decisive, know what you like and transmit it.

Be a MAN

With bold, capital letters! It’s already universal knowledge that women are attracted to men who leads them, take control of any situation and go after what they want.

Love Yourself

A whole lot self-love is mandatory. A man who values himself knows exactly what he can bring and expect from a relationship. Being aware of his qualities and spreading this feeling through all his  pores, it’s a true catch.

Treat Yourself Right

Allow yourself to enjoy the things you appreciate. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a billionaire to treat yourself right. But, above anything, you should make time for your hobbies and pleasures. Spend time doing things that you like and make you content. Happiness will bring you more confidence in your strengths.

Share Your Experiences

Have you done exceptionally awesome things in your life? Well, now is the time to talk about them. Be self-confident and share with excitement everything you’ve done.

Be Passionate

Passion is seductive. Keep your enthusiasm about every part of your life. Of course, you may not love your job, but when you talk about it, picture it eagerly. Your apartment might not be the home you ever wanted, but when you mention it, be zestful about it. Your family could very well be a tad bit nutty. Don’t stress – most families are. Share stories about your family and be animated.

Avoid Being Boring

Banal men aren’t a turn on. Women want to date spicy, self-confident, captivating men. No matter what, avoid being boring, monotonous, or coming off very routine oriented. Be smart and tell funny stories and ask interesting questions.

Activate Your Charms

A man who is charming will win it all, both men and women will feel like he’s genuinely interested in them. You should put accent chatting with others and having an attractive personality. Here’s one easy tip: be engaging! Be so captivating and fascinating that all women would want to meet you.

To put in a nutshell, remember 3 words and you will be a genuine bad boy: be charming, self-confident and uncompromising.


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