How To Read A Man Review (2014 Updated Review)

How To Read A Man In-Depth Review – Updated for 2014

Bottom line: This is a great guide. I definitely recommend picking it up. Get the current best for How To Read A Man by clicking here…

How To Read A Man Review

How to Read a Man is a book that aims to help women in understanding a man. Understanding a man is an important factor in building a long lasting relationship, especially in married couples.

We cannot deny that in our generation, the rate of marriages ending in divorce is very alarming. This book may be the answer to some marital problems, because it takes a huge deal of understanding to keep a lasting marriage.

Oftentimes, women are harder to read than men, which is why there are more books out in the market that aims to help men in understanding women. However, women should also be able to read men’s behavior, because men tend to suppress their feelings. Men have different methods in letting out their emotions compared to women.

Most women wear their heart on their sleeves, while men tend to keep their heart inside their ribcage where no one else can read them. It is without doubt that a man’s heart and mind works differently than a woman’s, which is why it is also important for women to read a book just like this one.

How To Read a Man Reviews

This book contains a step-by-step guide to finding out how men think, and why they act and behave the way they do. Just like every other book, this book also has its pros and cons. I will discuss each one of them.


  1. This book will help you understand why men often walk out in an argument. Most women get frustrated when they belt out their emotions to men. Why? Because a man would rather walk out and get fresh air somewhere else than spend the whole day inside the house arguing with a woman. It does not necessarily mean that men are dense creatures and who don’t have the guts to face their problems. Men have trouble opening up compared to women. They will more likely open up to their buddies which is why he would rather go out and have a few beers with them. And even when they do, their topic will not revolve around relationships. They suppress their feelings in front of women because as much as possible they want to avoid the touch-feely stuff. Therefore, it is important for a woman to read a man to help her figure out how to deal with him and resolve their issues as soon as possible.
  2. It will help you understand why men are unable to verbally express how they feel, and why women should not take it the wrong way. When men have problems, they are not like women who have several ways of making themselves feel better. Women can simply spend the entire day shopping or getting a makeover and they will already feel better afterwards. They can simply surround themselves with their girlfriends, get pampered on the spa and discuss relationship problems all day long. Men are not like that. Although they turn to their buddies to have a few beers and discuss a few things about their marriage and relationships, they do not want to linger on relationship topics for long. They will simply divert their attention to something else and they will rather talk about guy stuff like sports and cars.
  3. This book will help you have better chances of getting his attention. To get a man’s attention, you should be able to “read between the lines.” You should understand why he is acting that way, and what you should do to get him to open up. Women spend so much time and effort just so men would notice them. They spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes, new hair color and hairstyles, only to go home unappreciated by their boyfriend or their husband. This book will help you learn new techniques on how to get your partner’s attention without even spending a dollar. All you have to do is read his behavior to realize what you have to do. The way to get his attention may be easier than you think.
  4. This book also explains about a man’s protective instincts. It is a man’s nature to be a protector and a provider. They want to feel that women need their protection from anything that can potentially hurt them. It is exactly just like what you see in movies wherein men want to be like those courageous superheroes who are always ready to protect you. They want to acquire a strong image and a dependable character. They will wrap you around their arms to protect you because it makes them feel wanted. You should make them feel like they are strong enough to do that for you even if you think you are a strong and independent woman who can protect herself. Aside from being a protector, men are also providers by default. Ever since the history of Adam and Eve wherein God ordered all men to work hard to be providers of the family, it has been a natural instinct of men to be providers. Let’s say you both work hard but you earn better than him moneywise, don’t make him feel like he is beneath you in any way. So when you go out on a date and he offers to pay, always let him. Never tell him that you can cover the bill for him because you make more for a living. Not only does it sound offensive, it will deeply hurt his ego. Always make him feel like he is capable of providing for you.
  5. The book is the perfect way to discover mysteries that are hidden deep inside a man’s mind. A man’s mind is just as deep as a woman’s. There are many things that a man cannot verbally express because a man is not really vocal by nature. This book will help you tap secretly into his mind, and soon you will realize that there is much more to your partner than what he is showing you. There are things going on a man’s mind that even he cannot conceive yet, maybe because he is not paying much attention to small details. Soon, he will be surprised by how much you know about him. He may even think that you really pay attention to even the littlest things he has been doing and that you may have been doing your own translation of his actions. He will be amazed by how much you know about him.
  6. The book will tell you what drives a man. Every man has a different driving force. It could be their passion, their determination to prove something, and even anger. Whatever it is, this book will tell you about it and how you can work that to your advantage. It will also tell you what they need from you. Every man is looking for a special trait in a woman. It could be that he is looking for someone who knows how to take care of him, or as simple as someone who will stand by him no matter what. The book also tells you what keeps him interested. Maybe he is interested in someone who shares his common interests, or someone who challenges him and always proves him wrong.
  7. The book comes with an audio. If you are not really a fan of reading books, listening to its audio counterpart is an option. You will be able to listen chapter by chapter just like you are reading the book.


  1. Based on some reviews, the introduction part of the book is long and boring. However, you can just simply skip the boring part and look for the start of the interesting topics and begin reading there. If you don’t mind reading though, the introduction will offer good insights to help you get started with the book.
  2. There are some unnecessary parts that make the sections seem too long to read. If sections are too long, the readers might already feel the yawn coming in before they even get to the interesting parts. These unnecessary parts should have been omitted to keep the readers interested. Sections that look too long and don’t get directly to the point will bore the readers and might make them want to skip some parts.
  3. Although this book helps couple create a long-lasting relationship, it does not guarantee help for single women looking for Mr. Right. If you seek answers on how to find the right partner, this book will not be able to help you. The focus of this book is how to read men, not how to attract them.

How To Read a Man

On my personal opinion, the pros of this book definitely outweigh the cons. It is worth reading if you really love your partner. For some couples, this may even be the answer to solve their common arguments.

Fighting often roots from misunderstanding and not being able to verbally express how you feel. This is true especially for men who are the tough ones to crack. Understanding each other’s behavior is one of the keys to a strong relationship.

Bottom line: This is a great guide. I definitely recommend picking it up. Get the current best for How To Read A Man by clicking here…




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