Read This Before You Start Dating A Mama’s Boy

So, you’ve started dating this lovely guy. He’s attentive and passionate. But, there is something very different about this man. After dating him for a few weeks, you realized that your boyfriend is a total mama’s boy! We aren’t going to tell if this is right or wrong for you, but what actually does this mean for you? How do you feel dating a mama’s boy? What are your future prospects given the fact that his mother is also involved in the relationship?

Here are five things you need to know before you start dating a mama’s boy:

You Aren’t The Only Woman In His Life
When dating a mama’s boy, this is the one particular thing most women seem to underestimate. A mama’s boy isn’t only fond of his mother but crazy about her. Similar, his mom also loves him too much. Your boyfriend and his mom have an unbreakable bond that you won’t usually see under normal circumstances. This means you’ll see his mom calling a few times in the day which is way above the normal once or twice a week. She has devoted her life to making him happy. So, don’t assume for even a moment just because he has fallen in love with you, he’ll stop loving his mom less. He’ll never stop loving his mother, so keep this in mind before you share your heart with him.

He’s Not Independent.
Typically mama’s boys are used to have everything done for them. Their moms will do their laundry, their cooking, all the cleaning, and even their shopping. So, if you’re dating a mama’s boy, remember, he won’t be fully independent.

He’ll Always Compare You To Her
It doesn’t matter how tasty your roasted chicken is or how nicely you decorated the bedroom, you mama’s boy boyfriend will always compare everything you do with how his mom does it for him. He probably won’t realize that he’s doing it, and he’ll never say it in a horrible or a demeaning way. The reason is that your lover’s mother has spent her whole life making him feel comfortable and happy, and he expects the same from you.

You Won't Come First In His Life
When you start dating a mama’s boy, you need to get used to the fact that you’ll not always be his top priority. He’ll still take you to dinner dates, and watch your favorite TV series with you, but if his mother needs something or want him to do something for her, he’ll rush to her. Sure, he’ll apologize to you and even promise to make it up for you, but at the same time he’ll expect you to be okay and understanding that you’ll be second to his mother.

He’ll Treat You Like A Princess
When you start dating someone and that someone is a mama’s boy, it may sound like a huge pain in the ass, but, to be honest; having a romantic relationship with a mama’s boy isn’t all bad. One great thing about dating mama’s boys is they surely know how to treat a woman. Men who are close and caring to their mothers are sensitive, understanding, sweet, and generous. The relationship they’ve with their moms might drive you insane, but these guys will always treat you like a princess, and that can never go wrong? After all don’t all women want this?

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