Reality Of Why Girls Over-Think Everything?

Several researches have been conducted in the past few years to understand the psychology of the women. In most of the researches, it has been concluded that women are over thinkers. Even in the age of digitization when the women have achieved the top positions in the reputed organizations, women can’t stop over-thinking. They do over-think about everything. Generally, women over-think about various life situations and even for the casual things.  Over-thinking has become a widespread problem in the women that prevents them from the joys of living and enjoying their relationship.

Reasons for being an over thinker

Over- thinking has equal pros and cons. it cannot be denied completely that over-thinking is the problem.  Sometimes, over-thinking can help you to get saved from the troubles while at the other times it can make you stand in the land of troubles. But before knowing about the consequences of being an over thinker, you should know the reasons for over thinking. Here are some of the reasons that will help you to know why girls over-think everything?

  • Lack of confidence: This is one of the most common reasons why women over think. When she hesitates about the things around her and she feels shy to ask it to her partners or someone else, she probably starts doubting about it. This also fills her mind with fear and she starts over thinking about it.
  • Natural worrier: Worrying about anything is a natural feeling. When a woman starts worrying about everything, she starts overthinking about it. She will get all the negative thoughts about it. Sometimes, they even find it difficult to think how things could be done right.
  • Being over protective: It is perceived that those women, who are over protective, are over thinkers also. They keep on thinking about the safety of the person with whom they are deeply attached.
  • Want of perfection: This thought also makes the women an over thinker. Most of the women do not want the things around them to go wrong for which they start over-thinking in the want of perfection.
  • Lack of attention from the partner: This is one of the most common reasons why she over thinks about everything. Lack of attention, avoidance and rude behavior by the male partner fills the woman with the fear of losing the relationship which makes her to think of someone else into his life.

All these mentioned points are the most common causes that enable a girl to over think about her, her relationship with the others and the people around her. Instead of asking why girls over-think everything? After knowing the actual reasons, men will now look out for the ways to make her calm and save her from over thinking about everything.

Consequences of overthinking

There are only few positive aspects of over thinking which include that your partner will be moved by your care and attachments to him. Your concern can help others to get saved from the problems which they are unable to realize.  But mostly, there are negative consequences of over thinking. It can make you feel depressed. You will find yourself pre occupied with lots of worries in your life, people will start taking you for granted and there are possibilities that your fear losing someone can become the reality as no one likes to live with the over possessive person. Regular fights and arguments are the other results of being an over thinker. Some of the young women may have to fight with the dating problems due to their over thinking nature. Most of the women actually know that they over think, still they can’t help themselves to fight with why girls over-think everything? And, they keep on over-thinking.

Helpful tips to fight with your over thinking psychology

Over thinking is like a psychological disorder and it is needed to be treated at the earliest. On leaving the over thinker women untreated, this problem can grow giant with time.  Thus, there is a need to consider the following helpful tips for improving the over thinking behavior:

  • Accept that you over think: Over thinker women are needed to accept the fact that they are an over thinker and they need to get control over this bad habit. Nothing is impossible and it is sure that with your strong desires, you will be able to overcome your overthinking attitude.
  • Control over your thought: You are needed to get control over your thoughts. Make sure that when a small thought come across your mind, you should be relaxed and develop optimistic approach for your thoughts. Your mind is a powerful influencer so you should go easy on your mind and do not take the things too seriously.
  • Be optimistic: You should try to keep away from the negative thoughts as far as possible. Maintain distance from the people who bring the negativities in your life, talk of everything negative and keep you away from thinking positive. For this, you need to reassess your social group and the friend circle.
  • Meditation: It is a psychotherapy technique that helps you to increase your psychological strength and detoxify your mind in the natural manner.  Practice meditation, atleast for 15 minutes daily in the early morning to keep your mind free from the negativities. You can join the meditation centers for peaceful meditation.
  • Talk about it: If you know that you are becoming an over thinker or somebody has told you about this newly cultivating behavior of yours, you should do the deep analysis of your behavior. On recognizing such behavior, you should follow the tips to overcome your over thinking. You can discuss about it with your friends, family and the psychologist to treat the condition.
  • Men are expected to be cooperative: instead of complaining why girls over-think everything? men are needed to be cooperative with the over thinker woman around them. It will help to improve their condition. If you are in a relationship with a woman who is an over thinker, or has become an over thinker, then you are expected to handle the things carefully. Do not hide anything from her and concentrate on improving your communication with her.

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