Is She Really Your Girlfriend or Just A Friend? Here Are 5 Ways To Find Out!

You have been looking for a relationship and found someone you like. But, for someone reason, you don’t want to introduce her to your friends and family as your girlfriend. Why is that? People around keep asking you this question, and all you say that, “she’s just a friend”. You can say that all the time, but you yourself can realize that most aren’t buying it, even you.

Let’s make one thing clear; successful relationships require safety and trust. A slight breach in trust can wreak serious damage in a relationship or marriage and may result in a breakup or a divorce. And all of these events can happen so fast before you can even know it. This is the reason why infidelities are so devastating to a relationship. Both in our personal lives and media, we are likely to associate cheating with physical affairs. In other words, cheating happens when a man or a woman has sex with someone other than his or her partner.

But, what about emotional infidelity? Emotional infidelity, where there is no sex, can also jeopardize your relationship just as much.

So, what is an emotional affair?
In simple terms, an emotional affair is being in an intimate connection with someone other than your spouse. Emotional infidelity occurs when some other person becomes the center of your life and most importantly assumes the functions of your partner. When this happens, you find yourself spending a lot of time with them and support each other emotionally; it doesn’t matter if it’s done on the phone or in person. The emotional investment takes away the commitment and the energy from your existing relationship often with detrimental consequences. You become more and more distant from your girlfriend and feel less interested in her. You feel more attracted and favor your new love interest than your spouse, so you become increasingly irritated or frustrated with her regarding her perceived “shortcomings” or “flaws”. This can be classified as an act of infidelity despite that fact the other woman beside your girlfriend isn’t physically attracted to you, and there's no chance of you having sex with her. Nonetheless, it still is a big threat to your relationship.

How do you tell if you are cheating on your partner emotionally?
Emotional infidelity is harmful for a relationship, no doubt about it. But, there are ways you can realize it if you see these signs:

  1. You disclose everything to this person. You talk about intimate things about your life with them that only your partner knows.
  2. You tell them about the physical and emotional issues you're facing in your current relationship with them. You should only be discussing personal aspects of your relationship with your significant other and no one else.
  3. You think about the other person most of the time. You become very excited to see them and talk to them.
  4. You don’t want to introduce your partner with this new person because the thought of it makes you uncomfortable.
  5. When your partner is with you, you don't want to spend time with this person. You do everything possible to keep this affair private and personal.

So, what can you do about it? Relationships are built on trust and honesty; there isn’t any short cut here. If you want to have a healthy, long-lasting relationship, you must make your partner your top priority. So, make a change and resolve the issues directly.

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