Do You Really Think That Age Difference In Relationship Is Acceptable?

Are you dating a person who is either too old or too young than you? If yes, then there is nothing to be surprise. If you are thinking is age difference in relationship acceptable? Then yes, because in the present time, there are plenty of people who are in relationship where there is a huge age difference. You can say that it has now become a trend that people like to date people with a considerable age difference. It has been seen that generally women like to be in relationship with the older guys and the older guys prefer to date the younger women.

Reasons for dating with age difference

There are several reasons for which the older people prefer younger partners. Although, everyone has his/her own reason for dating the partner with age difference but here you can check out some of the common reasons. Check out these points to know the real reasons:

  • Men feel young with young women: Most of the men have claimed that they feel young on being with the women of young age. Men are allured by the energy, fun, excitement and naughty nature of the young women and in turn they also feel young with her. There are many men who started to dress up like the young men, have become gadget freaks and love to do all the things like the young guys.  They see the arrival of the young women in their life as the return of their youth. When you ask them questions like is age difference in relationship acceptable? They definitely say yes.
  • Family planning: In case, a man has spent all his life in earning money and has not planned his family even in the late 50s, then he prefers to date a woman who is young in order to start his own family.
  • Financial stability: This is one of the most common reasons which is given by the women for dating the older guys. Younger women feel themselves financially secured with the older guy who has earned enough in his life course. Sometimes, women do not mind even to date the widowed or separated men.
  • Learn from each other: This is a common reason for which older people prefer to date the young partners. When you date the partner with age difference, you get the opportunity to learn about each other. When you start learning from your partner with openness of mind, you will be able to enjoy each other’s company and share best relationship with each other.
  • No worry of competition: in the present time, there are many couples who face trouble due to the competitiveness in their relationship because the partners try to compete with each other and wish to move ahead of their partner. This often develops the problem of ego and misunderstandings which leads to the relationship troubles. While on dating with the partner with age difference, there is no such worry of any kind of competition.

Be ready to face the challenges

If you are in a relationship with the person with greater age difference, then you should be ready to face the challenges, here are some important points that will help you to combat the challenges that are expected to arrive in a relationship with age difference. Some of these challenges include:

  • Maturity level: it is obvious that the maturity level of the older partner will be more than the other. He/she will be more mature in terms of emotions and practical knowledge so there is a need to effectively utilize the maturity of the older person. Do not let your maturity to become the reason to rule over your partner. High maturity should be used for improving the relationship and the life of your partner. Prevent your partner from the unseen troubles, if you can sense it with your experience and maturity level.
  • Generation gap: when the age difference between the dating partners or the couples is more than 10 years then there are possibilities of disputes due to the generation gap. Older partner will find it difficult to set the match with the preferences and likability of the younger one and vice versa. There is a need to grow the compatibility level between the couples and adjust themselves in the generation of their partner.
  • Difference in sexuality: age difference in a relationship comes along with the sexual problems. Sexuality of the young partner is more as compared to the sexuality of the older one. This could pose problem in family planning. So, it is better that if you are in a relationship you should develop the mutual understanding for family planning. If a female partner is not able to conceive due to any reason then couples should sort out some alternative solution for it.

There are many more challenges that one could face in a relationship but when there is a love and understanding between the couples these challenges can easily be sort out. Hence, the couples with age difference can live their life happily with each other. So, if someone asks you, is age difference in relationship acceptable? Then, you can confidently say yes it is.

Be ready to handle the criticism from the society

It is the fact that some people will definitely disagree with your relationship with age difference despite the huge acceptability in the society. So, you should be ready to face the criticism from the society and be ready to accept it and handle it in a positive way.

Some of the most popular ways by which you can handle the criticism are:

  • Avoid paying attention to the criticism.
  • Do not let the criticism to affect you relationship in any way.
  • Take the criticism in a positive manner and make efforts to improve your relationship.
  • Show everyone that you are the best partner for your boyfriend or girlfriend and stop everyone from asking question like is age difference in relationship acceptable?

You can handle criticism in the better way with these measures.

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